New Year's decorations with their own hands: 10 original ideas


What can be used to make decorative ornaments?Yes, literally from everything that comes to hand. Today will show you how to make a beautiful New Year's decor using (what do you think?) Candles and twigs! December is already in the yard. And the festive mood has not yet entered your home. Why? Maybe because you have not yet prepared for his arrival? How? Take the candles, branches - and go! One of the easiest ways: a decorative candlestick in the shape of a branch and the actual candle.

Master class decoration of the New Year's table from Oksana Kashenko

And here is an example of how to make decorative candlesticks from logs. Related Articles Want to simplify the process of New Year decoration as much as possible - go to IKEA and buy cans-candlesticks. It looks cool. Of the glasses you can not only drink, you can also decorate them with twigs and candles. Make the branches winter, painted them with white paint (just do it outside the house) and put it in a vase. Simple and tasteful. Decorative chandelier made of branches and candles. Why not? Flocking winter birds birds gleefully at the sight of such a decor. An excellent decoration of the festive table will be a vase with a "bouquet" of branches and candlesticks hanging on them. Related Articles Gypsies often ask you to gild the pen? Better gild the branches! If you live in a house and on long winter evenings you have nothing to do, buy large wax candles and decorate them with snowy fir trees in the yard. Doing Christmas decor, do not forget the rules of fire safety! wishes you a beautiful winter fairy tale.