With your own hands

Color your world: watercolor drawing on curtains with your own hands


One of the rules for creating a summer interioris the replacement of dense window curtains on light light curtains. This technique will be even more effective if you paint the curtains with soft watercolors. Our master class will teach you this Summer time is rich on sunny days. And so you do not want the natural light that illuminates our house to come across obstacles in the form of dense dark curtains. However, if, having changed your windows into light light curtains, you decided that they look too boring and inexpressive, do not get discouraged. With the help of our instructions you will be able to independently paint your new things, giving them an original and truly summer look. In this master class, curtains Merete from IKEA are used. The design of the box for storing things from Jonathan Adler lay at the base of the drawing.

What you need:

  • light single-color curtains of white or milky shade (in our example it's Merete from IKEA);
  • watercolor pastel colors (3-5 colors);
  • adhesive for decoupage;
  • black and red markers for painting the fabric;
  • brushes;
  • cellophane film;
  • adhesive tape.

Step 1: Preparation of the paint

Mix 200 ml of paint with 200 ml of glue for decoupage and pour the resulting mixture with a liter of water. For each color, use a separate container. Test the solution on a piece of tissue. If the color does not suit you, you can add more water or paint.

Stage 2: Drawing

With the help of adhesive tape, fix the cellophane film on the floor, carefully lay out previously washed curtains on it and start drawing. Drag the oblique wavy lines from edge toedge of the curtain. Work in turn with each color. After the fabric dries, add contrast using markers. Select the outlines of the color lines with black and red colors as shown in the photo. Do not be afraid that the lines will look uneven and sloppy. The charm of this pattern is in its imperfection. Now you only need to iron the curtains, decorate them with a window and enjoy the renewed summer interior! cuckoo4design.blogspot.com