With your own hands

How to make a bench yourself: a master class


You have long wanted a bedside bench, but notAre you ready to spend an impressive amount on a thing, more decorative than necessary? Our master class will help you to kill two birds with one stone: to fulfill a dream and save Today we will teach you how to make a bench in a hallway or a bedside banquet with your own hands. This lesson does not take you too long and does not require a lot of material investment, and as a result you will get a stylish and functional item that will enhance the status of the interior of your home. You will need:

  • Thick sheet of plywood;
  • Plaid or soft mat like kilima (in ourThe Kilim was used, it was chosen due to its original and bright pattern, which looks unusually stylish and expressive; Such product can be ordered on the Internet);
  • Legs for the bench (can be found in the furniture or construction shop);
  • Foam rubber (in a roll);
  • Screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • saw;
  • Furniture stapler (with staples);
  • Sheet of plywood.

Editorial opinion By the way, kilims are verypopular decorative trend. Designers especially fell in love with the infinitely varied geometric ornaments that look equally impressive both on the carpet itself and on upholstery or decorative textiles. Kilim-style patterns fill the interior with trendy ethnic motives. However, you should be aware that they do not tolerate competition. The color palette of the interior should not overlap with the main tone of the ornament, otherwise it risks losing its originality. Step 1 Using a saw, cut the plywood sheet so that you have a rectangle of approximately 110x45 cm. Step 2 From foam rubber also a rectangle,corresponding in size to the plywood base. It will be more convenient for you to work if the foam rubber is 1-2 cm smaller, that is, approximately 108x43 cm. Step 3 Attach the kilim to the plywood base to determine which part of the pattern should be on your bench. When you are sure, fix the fabric with a stapler at the corners of your future bench. Cut off the unused edges of the kilim, but not end to end. Leave a few inches of fabric in reserve. Steps 4, 5 Start upholstery.Gently, slowly, drive the staples from the bottom of the base along the inner perimeter. Once you're sure the upholstery looks the way you want it, you can trim off excess fabric around the edges. So that they do not crumble, it is recommended to treat them with glue. Step 6 Screw the legs to the bench usingscrewdriver. Make sure that they are located exactly in the center between the longitudinal edges and at the same distance from the transverse ones. Your ethnic-style decorative bedside bench is ready! Enjoy it! abeautifulmess.com