With your own hands

Ideas for New Year's decor: a luminaire from milk packages


Even an ordinary package of milk in skilled hands canturn into an original decorative accessory. From our master class you will learn how to make charming New Year's lamps yourself in just two steps. Decorative lighting plays an important role in the New Year's decoration of the interior. To create a magical festive atmosphere in the house, it is not enough just to hang garlands. You need to show imagination, complement the decor with something special, for example, such charming lamps in the form of houses. To create such beauty is extremely simple. Here's what you need:

  • cardboard packages from under milk or juice,
  • acrylic paints,
  • stationery knife,
  • Ruler,
  • pencil,
  • the usual Christmas garland.

Related Articles So, step one:color your packages. Please note: to paint over a factory print, you need to apply not one, but several layers of paint. After the paint is dry, proceed to step two. You will need a pencil and a ruler to draw the windows. You can experiment with their shape and quantity. When the art process is complete, cut out the windows using a utility knife. In addition, you will need to cut a small hole in the back wall of each house in order to insert the garland there in the future. That's all! As we promised, the master class was unusually simple. Create a decorative composition from your cardboard houses and highlight them with a garland. They will look very touchingly in a room with muted light. morningcreativity.com