Repair of the week. A bathroom is six meters away: a real example and 5 tips

How to properly plan a bathroom ina typical apartment? How to avoid mistakes in its arrangement? The answers to these questions were given by the architects Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze, having shown the already implemented project. The project of this bathroom was created for a young family with a child. The object is located in the apartment of a monolithic brick house on Khodynka. Initially, there were planned two bathrooms, but at the request of customers, one of them was transformed into a dressing room. Thus, on an area of ​​5.7 square meters it was necessary to place all the functionality of the bathroom. About how it was possible to design a small bathroom in a standard apartment, we were told by the architects and heads of the studio of architectural and design designing "Dvekati" - Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze. Ekaterina Mamaeva and Ekaterina Svanidze Over five years of professional experience in the field of designing public as well as private interiors. They were educated at the Modern School of Design at the Moscow State University. Now lead the studio "Dvekati" (architectural and design design). - - Was the bathroom redeveloped? - - On both sides the bathroom is "clamped" with living rooms, due to which expansion is impossible, but we managed to "carve out" a niche for the shower in the uninhabited zone in the center of the apartment, which corresponds to the standards of redevelopment. Thanks to this, the bathroom was able to accommodate both a full bathroom and a spacious shower in a separate niche. - - Tell us more about the shower niche. - - In the shower niche we mounted the gangway, and in the opening hung a glass door. If you want to apply such a method in your bathroom, the role of the door can be performed by the curtain. The level of the ceiling in the niche was deliberately a little underestimated for the installation of a ceiling shower head. - - How did you work with color and textures? What materials did you choose for the cladding? - - We got a functional, but an elongated angular room. "Smooth" it we decided with a dark matte porcelain granite noble texture. The lining of the floor and all walls is made with one material, which made the room chamber and homogeneous. The general gray scale was diluted with two accents - a strip of black-and-gold mosaic, distracting attention from the corner of the communication box, and a countertop of the GKL with an integrated sink lined with the same material. The classical marble texture of ceramic granite and the golden elements of the mosaic "modernize" the ascetic shapes and chrome surfaces of the selected collection of sanitary ware. How did you solve the storage problem? - - Drawers for storing are provided under the table top (they are not yet mounted on the photo). Underneath it, you could put a washing machine, but along with customers, it was decided to move it to the kitchen pencil case. For storage of bathroom accessories there is an elegant suspended pencil next to the toilet, made according to the studio design. For shampoos and other things - a small niche in the corner above the bathroom. She managed to integrate between the box and the wall. Brands and brands:

  • porcelain stoneware - Aparici, G-Stone collection
  • mosaic - Aparici, collection Noice Negro
  • bathroom, toilet, sink - Villeroy & Boch
  • plumbing, accessories - Dornbracht
  • Towel warmer "Tera"
  • pencil case - according to the designers' sketch "Stylish kitchens"
  • drawers under the countertop - "New interiors"
  • mirror - according to the sketch of the designers of the "Mirror Factory on Nagornaya"
  • glass door, glass shelves in the niche - "Inprus"

Tips for readers of Roomble:

  • If you are going to change the layout of the bathroom, you can expand it due to the corridor. This is not prohibited by norms. Or think about a niche for a washing machine, a pencil case, a shower room or a bathtub.
  • The washing machine can be hidden under the sink,but do not forget about the ergonomic level of the shell: 90-95 centimeters - the maximum height. The sink must be a mortise or an invoice with a small side. Shell-bowls are suitable in the event that nothing interferes with mounting the countertop at a lower level from the floor.
  • When installing the installation or concealed toilet bowl in the wall, make sure that the adjacent room is not residential. Otherwise, we recommend making soundproofing.
  • If the bathroom has a complex or angular shape, a win-win way to soften it - to cover all surfaces of walls and floors with the same tile.
  • If for you it's boring - add decor, but in places distracting attention from the shortcomings of the room.
  • photos are provided by the studio «DVEKATI»