Apartment repair yourself: 20 most common mistakes -


How to renovate the interior and not destroy the housewith your own hands? We have carefully studied specialized sites and highlighted the most common problems faced by newbies. We analyze other people's mistakes and draw our own conclusions Do you think it's time to make repairs? This means that our article is for you. It's good if you can afford to hire a team of professionals who will help with the design project, materials, execution and even the selection of furniture. But if this is not possible, this is not a reason to despair. and with your own hands, if you approach the matter with all perseverance, carefully think over the project and do not forget about the "pitfalls" that lie in wait for almost all amateurs. Lack of a plan of action The first thing for yourequired is paper and a pencil. The main problem that renovation newcomers face is the lack of a clear plan of action. It should include a step-by-step list of activities that are required to complete it, the materials you want to use, and the estimated time frame for each of the stages of work. Such planning will help you to think carefully about everything and correctly calculate both your strength and your budget. Sloppy calculations “Geometry is a means, withwith the help of which we perceive the environment and express ourselves, "Corbusier believed, emphasizing the close connection between architecture and the exact sciences. And if you even temporarily had to take on the functions of a home architect, you will have to listen to him. To make accurate measurements, use quality and reliable tools - from a good tape measure and a rule to laser distance meters. Even half a centimeter can sometimes be of key importance: to force you to buy an extra roll of wallpaper, to prevent the purchased sofa from being brought into the door, or to “organize” an ugly gap between the cabinets in the most conspicuous place. Too cheap materials Quality of materials,both rough and finishing, should correspond to your idea. Saving on rough materials can cost you a lot in the end, and on finishing materials, in addition, spoil your mood. There is one more important point: as a rule, it is more difficult to work with cheap materials, which is important for self-repair. If you have planned jobs that exceed your budget, try simplifying the plan or wait until you have funds. Most people tend to underestimate the real scale of the "budget catastrophe". To get realistic numbers, they usually add about 20-30 percent to the estimated budget. Skipping preparatory work Site preparation forrepair is the most important, albeit boring stage, which will help save a lot of money. Before embarking on the creative part of the process, prepare the room: take out everything that might interfere with you, carefully cover with a film that can be spoiled, prepare and check the tool you need in advance, do the markup and all other preparatory work. Save on usable space Don't get carried awaydesign ideas at the expense of the convenience of your family. Utility and utility rooms should be large enough to fulfill their basic functions.

  • Too narrow corridors and stairs. Do not save space at the expense of stairs and corridors. In the first case, it is dangerous, in the second case it is inconvenient. Before planning a ladder, get acquainted with the safety standards, especially if you have children who will run on the steps. And in the corridor there should be enough room to hang out the outer clothing and without interference to meet and hold at least two or three guests.
  • 2. Too small bathrooms.Try - there they are needed no less. But if you do have to do this, choose plumbing and furniture designed for narrow and small spaces, otherwise you will not be able to use them. Match the dimensions of the future bath, shower, toilet and bidet with the dimensions of your household. 3. Too narrow doors. This problem is rare in apartments, but often in homes. And especially on the upper and "sleeping" floors. Remember that non-standard and minimal doorways narrow your possibilities when moving furniture. In addition, if there are tall people in the family, they will constantly fight with their heads. In pursuit of fashion The correspondence of the inner andexterior is the golden rule of design. Therefore, in ultramodern houses, the space is usually not designed in a classic style. This applies doubly to rooms in which only one or two rooms out of three or five need to be repaired. Try not to contradict the cardinally general style of your house or apartment. Do not try to keep up with fashion and useIts interior all the brightest novelties of the season. First, in the next season there will surely be new ones, and many of the former ones will look obsolete, and secondly, the excessive spaceiness of the space will quickly get bored in everyday life. Try to use one or two bright details, and otherwise adhere to materials that have been tested by time. Lack of confidence in working with color Colorand the stylistic composition of your future space should be conceived from the very beginning. Not only before going to the store for paint and wallpaper, but even before starting rough work. It is at this stage that try to think over the basic color combinations, the approach to filling the interior with furniture, etc. In the process of repair, it will be much more difficult to choose. It's much easier to get confused. Once the primary colors are chosen, try to stick to this concept and not stray too far from it. If you change your plan after eachTalking with consultants in stores, the result will be much worse. To properly choose colors, make samples and colors, ask for details of furniture facades and bring them to your house to see how the chosen color will be coordinated with your space and lighting, and most importantly, with those elements that remain unchanged. Insufficient lighting Underestimation of lighting -one of the sharpest pitfalls for a beginner. First, it should be remembered that electrical wiring is an engineering difficult and dangerous type of work. And it's not for those with an electrician for you. In this case, it is worth inviting professionals. Secondly, to think over the lighting is very necessaryCarefully, at the earliest stage of planning. With the help of light, you can revitalize the interior, visually expand, zonate, etc. In children's rooms, in the kitchen, in the office and in the workshop, many kinds of lighting (side, bottom and top) should be provided at once. Do not ignore the light in the rest of the rooms. Artificial lighting greatly influences our perception of space and color. Safety rules Safety ruleswritten just for you! Do not forget that the most important things during the repair are eye protection goggles, protective gloves, headphones, if you intend to use special equipment that creates a high level of noise, and most importantly, a first aid kit. Reassessing Your Capabilities Beforedestroy your house to the ground in order to build a new one, assess your capabilities soberly. Will you have time to complete the entire planned scope of work? Do you have the strength to do it? Maybe it makes sense to do everything in stages and with breaks? In case you do make such a mistake, get the contacts of a good assistant with construction experience who can help you in the final stages and save your health and nervous system.