American furniture: the best from the interior exhibition "High Point" in the US

High Point Market 2014 - the main interiorAn event in the USA, there are manufacturers, designers, and just lovers of design from all over the world. Today, with the eyes of one of the visitors - an expert in furniture - we will see the most interesting novelties Despite the world news, the demand for American furniture only grows. Every year, traditional representations of American designers about the beautiful are winning more and more fans, one of which was our today's "special correspondent" - the director of the official representation of American factories "Madison Ave" Eduard Molchadsky.

The final trait

High Point Market is a place where all playersAmerican furniture market try to show their best side, because it is a kind of final feature, and the impression they make on High Point Market, furniture manufacturers can collect orders for a long time to come. High Point Market is an American approach to doing business, sales here are counted in containers, and the brightest stars appear at parties.

Four Hands

One of the brightest interiors of the exhibition was the show-room "Four Hands", where in one room were items from Van Thiel and Ralph Lauren Home. Eduard Molchadsky, the director of the officialRepresentative offices of American factories "Madison Ave": - Van Thiel company was created by a Belgian family who moved to the USA, whose passion for antiques is clearly traced in the details of their furniture. Founding father of the brand Rudi Van Til travels around the world in search of truly fascinating artifacts, whether it's a Dutch locker or a Chinese portable box of shoe makers. Van Thiel try to convey the spirit of the past time in their furniture by hand - beat corners, create rubs, cracked paint, etc. Many American restorers at the exhibition noted the high degree of realism of the era, which was hinted at this or that subject Van Thiel.

Ralph Lauren

Not surprisingly, this company was chosen to create a special collection of Ralph Lauren - Ralph Lauren Home. And all about the scrupulous approach of Mr. Ralph to his business. The resulting collection fully reflectsPresentation of Mr. Ralph about the country ranch. Many things here are only made in one single decoration, without the possibility of changing the fabric, skin or color of the varnish, this is the whole irreproachable style of Ralph Lauren. Opinion of the editorial office: - Ralph Lauren is true to his ideals - even his ranch turned out to be impeccable, elegant and slightly nostalgic. It must be a reflection even of geniuses.


Another highlight on the High Point Market was the show room of the Mexican company Teracea. Sounds unexpected, but let's see ... Eduard Molchadsky, the director of the officialrepresentative of American factories «Madison Ave»: - Separately want to note that the principal place of deployment of the company is located in a former bank - a meeting room and is equipped with all the main vault, right behind the five-ton door. Teracea - very successful in the US market manufacturers, they offer a unique product: tables made of slices of secular rare species of wood, cabinets, chests, tables, beds, filled with the spirit of the times of the Spanish cultural hegemony, a time when America had just opened, it originated for European peace .

Cisco Brothers

Quite apart from the turmoil of the exhibition is a spacious show-room of the California company Cisco Brothers. If you describe this factory in two words, thenThe phrase "Californian spirit" would be perfect. Their easy ease in design and special attention to the ecological aspect of furniture ideally fits to the place they have chosen - a very bright room that has received a second life. Anastasia Topoeva, head of the Moscow office of the Personal Creative Architectural Studio No. 2: - This year I was lucky to visit the exhibition in the furniture city of High Point (USA). The exhibition is held twice a year and differs greatly in format from European exhibitions - for example , Passing in Milan. First, the format of the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition in the huge exhibition pavilion there is also the main part that takes place in showrooms, decorated as living rooms with furniture, light, accessories and textiles ... Being inside and moving from room to room, you find yourself in such an impromptu world in which it is easy to imagine , How this situation will look in the projected interior. The second major difference from Europeans is that the emphasis is not on modern-tech modern solutions, but on playing in various versions of classical Forms of furniture. The modern sounding interior gets due to textile finishing. For example, this year there were many bright, with modern prints of fabrics of turquoise, blue, pink and other cheerful shades. And also woodworking - brashing, a combination of roughly processed and smooth surfaces. And of course, there are many so-called American classics - soft huge sofas and armchairs. Thanks to Under it for the opportunity to travel. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Do you also like things with a story? Armchairs that saw the light long before your birth, a table that has witnessed the main celebration in the life of your grandmothers? But after all, not everyone has such a rich inheritance, and to acquire a little thing with history you want almost everyone. There is a way out - pick yourself something from the Cisco Brothers. Home spirit and great attention to the creation of comfortDistinguishes another company from sunny Florida - The Natural Light. Their show-room at the exhibition was full of all kinds of lamps, united by natural themes. All photos: Эдуард Молчадский