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Zaha Hadid: a new residential complex on the river bank


Admire the new skyscrapers with their floridshapes and bold solutions? Then it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the Australian project of the brilliant Zaha Hadid, "tied" to the picturesque bank of the river in Brisbane. More and more amazing skyscrapers are being built in the world. Most of them are owned by large corporations that are eager to demonstrate their power and solvency in this way. But there are other interesting projects, for example, Grace on Coronation by Zaha Hadid, which we will get to know better today. This residential complex, consisting of three skyscrapers, will be completed by the end of 2015. Located on the banks of the river in Brisbane, the cone-shaped buildings include 486 apartments and 8 villas. The project's budget was 420 million Australian dollars, which are directed to the development of one of the districts of Brisbane with the funny name Toowong (translated as "inner west"). By the way, the area of ​​green spaces thatadjacent to the Grace on Coronation complex, will be 7,300 square meters. The structure of the building tapers downward to minimize its presence and maximize the openness of the waterfront to the public, creating a dynamic space for Toowong citizens within the riverside park.

Zaha Hadid Each of the towers will havemulti-level facade structure. Consisting of glass and wrapped in reinforced concrete elements, it is like a flower, wrapped in petals, which are close to each other from below, and open up from above and create beautiful outlines. Directed also to improve environmentalThe project will be implemented at the site of Australia's ABC Radio Network headquarters, where in 2006, 17 women were diagnosed with breast cancer due to elevated levels of radiation. By the time the construction began, this level has already stabilized. By the way, despite the global demolition of old buildings, one of the oldest residential buildings in Brisbane - one-story house Middenbury - will be preserved as a cultural heritage and will become part of the new development.