How to change the interior with lighting: rules and practical advice -


By experimenting with light, you can createany mood in the room, be it a festive event or a romantic getaway. With the help of our practical tips, you will make the lighting of the entire apartment original and individual, you will learn how to correctly place light accents in individual rooms. You will learn how to visually increase or decrease the space with the help of lighting, raise or lower ceilings. Competent and professional artificial lighting of an apartment is a guarantee of coziness and comfort. Professional designers, when designing an interior, pay special attention to the placement and selection of light sources. The main purpose of artificial light is to help us navigate space at night. With the help of lighting devices, you can change the perception of any interior beyond recognition. Correctly selected and correctly planned artificial lighting can turn your apartment into an ideal vacation spot. Rules for light correction of the interior There are several techniques with which you can visually enlarge, narrow or expand the space. With the help of lighting, you can divide the space into zones. We offer you several basic rules for light correction of the interior of an apartment:

  • To visually increase space, use reflected or diffused light;
  • To maximize the volume of the room, maximum light should be used;
  • if you have low ceilings, then the wall lights, directed upwards, will help you to "lift" the ceiling;
  • "Lower" the height of the ceiling will help devices that are designed to illuminate the walls and shade the ceiling;
  • The narrow room will become wider if you place the fixtures on one wall;
  • With the help of lighting all the corners of the room, you can achieve visual expansion of the space;
  • If you place the lamps along the middle line of the ceiling, you can narrow the space.

Lighting in the living room As a rule, in the living room wewe watch TV, drink tea, receive guests, read books, newspapers and magazines, do creative work. If you want to read a newspaper or a magazine in your living room in the evening, then you will need a "work" lamp of directional lighting that will not interfere with other family members from their business. To give the living room a ceremonial look, you need to install a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Also, the ceiling can be illuminated around the entire perimeter or sconces can be hung on the walls. Lighting in the bedroom The light in the bedroom should becomfortable and functional. In addition to local lighting in the bedroom, it is necessary to install general lighting. It is desirable that the light of general illumination is diffused. If you put floor lamps in the corners of the room, then create an atmosphere of softness and comfort in the bedroom. Do not forget to take care of the lighting of the bedside area, place small sconces on the wall or on the bedside table. Children's room lighting Children's room is the mostbright room in the apartment. A child's room should have three lighting fixtures: a central chandelier, a daylight lamp on the desk, and soft, diffused light at the head of the bed - best if it is a night light. When choosing devices for lighting a children's room, give preference to convenience and safety. Kitchen lighting In addition to the main (general) light,the kitchen should have functional lighting. It is necessary to brightly illuminate all work surfaces: the stove, the sink and the cutting table. Kitchen lighting should not blind your eyes. Spotlights mounted in a suspended ceiling can be a good lighting for the kitchen.