How to use lighting to make the bedroom modern and stylish: 14 examples -


Do not know how to arrange lighting in the bedroom? We also asked this question and found an abyss of inspirational ideas

Modern interior designers offerThe greatest number of ideas is for bedroom lighting. And this is completely justified. The bedroom is the most intimate space in the house, where not every guest is allowed. It should be cozy at any time of the day, calmly - from one side, romantic and a bit mysterious - on the other. And the bedroom is simply obliged to inspire.

In this bedroom, for sure there is a ceilingLighting, but it is most likely scattered and does not attract attention at all, but rather a large sconce creates not only a mood, but also is the main accent of the room. Miles Wall

Textile lamps on either side of the bed effectively contrast and noticeably soften the minimalist interior of this bedroom. Leu Khanh

In this small bedroom, the ceiling lightCalled, "tearing" the ceiling visually, expand the boundaries. But the bright bedside lighting and the presence of a workplace indicate to us that workaholics are resting here. Although in their relation the concept of "rest" takes a rather conventional character. Jay Patel

The strict interior, trimmed with cool woods, in this bedroom changes color to a warmer color thanks to the orange backlighting. Alexey Evgrafov

Here, the ceiling light distinguishes the design of the wall at the head of the bed, turning it into a screen that glows from within. The black lamp on the bedside table is Vico Magistretti. Maxim Tyabus

Again, the accent wall at the headboard thanks toCorrectly illumination becomes even more expressive. The illuminated bed together with the tables thanks to the design and the lower illumination as if hovering above the floor. Vladimir Sapyan

The solution for rational pragmatists is simple, functional and the angle of inclination is convenient to change. Pastorius Wall

Perfectly inscribed in the design of the wall, the light panels create a sensation of clefts through which sunlight penetrates. The backlight in the work area focuses on the living green wall. Elena Zhulikova

In this bedroom, the emphasis is on shapes, or rather, on their geometry. Lamps also work in this direction and in every way emphasize lines, corners and niches. He.D Creative Group

Copper lamps from Tom Dixon are beautiful by themselvesItself, but being in contradiction with the wall panels, LED lighting and geometric patterns on the walls, they are almost the brightest accent of the bedroom. Penint Design Studio

The choice of the light solution becomes even more difficult,When it comes to the bedroom with an abundance of dark colors in the design. In this case, everything is fine: both the lighting of the suspended cabinet, and the emphasis on the wall texture at the headboard, and the Agnes chandelier. Room Design

The well-known and recently popular reception with the C-shaped frame of the sleeping area in this case is highlighted by LED lighting symmetrically with the same illumination of the opposite wall.

Pay attention - the bedside lighting is located on the same line as the ceiling light.

The warm diffused light of the bedside lamps in this bedroom softens the concrete headboard and neutral palette of the interior.