How to create cozy autumn lighting: 5 simple tips


Do you feel uncomfortable in the autumn evenings? Does not leave a chilly sense of lack of light? Then our tips will help you create the right autumn lighting, so that warmth, comfort and comfort always reign in your house. When autumn comes, it gets darker every day, and the evenings become longer and colder. Do not want to fall into the autumn depression? Then what if not lighting can make the house more warm and cozy? We offer you some simple recommendations that will help you to transform the house dramatically and quickly without much effort.

1. The Living Fire

Perhaps, this is the best medicine for coldautumn evenings. Ideally, if your house has a fireplace, and with the onset of dusk, every day it will illuminate and heat your abode. But in the apartment its presence is extremely problematic, therefore candles framed in various candlesticks, low vases and other containers are suitable. They will give a romantic atmosphere, bring beauty - and it will still be the same hot, living fire.

2. Dark matter

Before you saturate the room with light,that the interior itself is not filled with things that absorb that precious light. Too dark objects and materials can be covered with a light cloth, but heavy textiles should not be used at all. Perfectly fulfill their task in the house the following colors: orange, red, yellow and beige.

3. More Lighting

A good way to create a warm atmospherewill be additional sources of light. Hang a wall, get a floor lamp, a small table lamp or a night lamp, and also use neon lamps of warm colors. All of them will give the space a soft and casual lighting.

4. Update

Replace the fluorescent lights, luminouswhite-blue, yellow. Lighting will become warmer, lively and natural. Do not be afraid to add a few red and orange light bulbs, or use colored lights to create the right shades. In doing so, try to ensure that the chandeliers are transparent, not matte, so they will not "eat" extra light.

5. Mirrors

With the help of these inalienable interior satellites inany house you can create more reflective surfaces, which will certainly add, or even double the amount of light. And let it be just a visual reception, it works perfectly and at the same time saves you money for paying bills for electricity. The main thing is to arrange the mirrors so that they reflect the light sources as much as possible and enjoy the wonderful lighting in your warm and cozy house.