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The most ridiculous unpublished pearls for 2014

Since June 2014, journalists and editors roomble.Com wrote for you about all the fun. And, of course, sometimes in a hurry made mistakes, which we managed to catch before publication. Today we publish the most ridiculous of the unpublished Yes, the journalist is also a person and can sometimes blurt out something without thinking. And even write. And even then read and not notice. Because the editorial staff works almost round the clock, so that you are interested in reading us and that all the news is published earlier than on other portals. And now, on holidays, we just had time to make a little breather. And we decided to please ourselves and you with a hit parade of our own blunders and pearls. For several months they were cut from the articles and collected for you by our literary editor Maria Pryanishnikova and our editor-in-chief Oksana Kashenko. The interior radiates a cheerful mood, waiting for the holiday. It is noticeable already from the hallway, where there is a basket with different bottles.

Even if you personally do not have a four-headed pet, you can make an original gift to someone you know who is the owner of a large breed dog.

And how do you like such a bright hat with bubo? Probably, you do not like, for example, a vintage chandelier, because it reminds you of a difficult relationship with your mother-in-law or mother-in-law. He is fond of the culture of the Far East, he spends his free time in the mountains, snowboarding, so he is not afraid of cold - he is used to taking the upper hand from the winter. To be honest, for today this cup has the highest level of IQ among other utensils. Do not worry if the designer will ask detailed questions about the profession and your hobbies. Active you or passive. The game room is located in the maskandra. This is a very intimate place, where you have access only to you and the closest family members. And if the windows are two and they are located close to each other - combine them. After all these machinations, you will have a spacious home office for several people at once. At the entrance to the apartment in the hallway zone hangs a sign: "Green monsters." Yes, it is clear that this is their territory! This inscription corresponds to both the interior of the child and adults. Everything that can be moved and moved is called movable property. We all know how many things children have and how fast they multiply. Each such set is unique in form, like any hostess in her kitchen.