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The best advice on the arrangement of small bathrooms -

Plan repairs in the most intimate place of the house, butYou do not like the size of the room? We have a solution! As many as 10 review materials written by us in the past year, will reveal all the secrets and teach you the unknown

Last year we wrote a huge amount of materials on the theme of small bathrooms and ways of comfortable coexistence with them. The best articles we present to your attention today.

For those who are just planning the arrangement of their bathroom, we have prepared. Something you probably like.

Architect Alexander Fedorov own experience of working with small bathrooms.

In as many as 10 techniques, thanks to which from the bathroom of rather modest sizes it is possible to create more than interesting space.

The lack of space always affects the limitation of storage capacity. We examined the problem from all sides and together with the architect Ilya Verin found several solutions at once.

For we rummaged the whole store in search of the most beautiful, functional and cool bathroom items.

Architect Maria Gubina and designer Asya Bondareva together with us got to know the problems of small bathrooms and about their own experience working with bathrooms of modest size.

The secrets of placing everything necessary in a small bathroom with us are interior designers Ekaterina Popova and Maria Abramova.

We have as many as 15 ideas that will help save precious space in the bathroom.

You will find 10 more tips for arranging a small bathroom. In the same article you are waiting for quite clear examples.

If you are more interested in creating a spectacular bathroom, you

The correct arrangement of the bathroom must be within strictly defined rules. In we will reveal all the secrets.