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How to make a New Year's wreath: a master class from a designer


Designer Maya Smirnova shared with usan interesting master class on making a festive Christmas wreath. The whole process takes no more than half an hour. The crazy rhythm of city life does not always allow us to find time to properly prepare for the holidays. Therefore, often New Year's interior decoration is limited to decorating a Christmas tree. For our busiest readers who dream of an original festive decor, but do not have enough time to create it, we offer a special express workshop on making a Christmas wreath from coniferous branches. Today's master class was shared with us by a talented designer from Khabarovsk Maya Smirnova. Maya Smirnova, designer Head and designer of the Studio May interior design studio in Khabarovsk. Graduated from the elite design school in Interior Design and Landscape Design, the British Higher School of Design and the Rhodec International School of Design in the UK (with honors). She prefers loft-style interiors and restrained, elegant classics. So, to make a festive New Year's wreath, we need:

  • Artificial twigs spruce on a wire frame;
  • Thick wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm for the base of the wreath;
  • Thin green garden wire or sewing thread for fasteners;
  • Cones;
  • Brushes of berries;
  • Braid for hanging a wreath at the door;
  • Carnations and a hammer.

We twist into a ring with a diameter of 20 cm thickwire (in this case, such a wire was found at an object made by a designer, but in principle it can be bought on the construction market). We disassemble the artificial spruce branch into small segments (legs). We begin to weave them into the ring, further strengthening its structure. Twig behind the twig we weave Christmas trees inwreath. Segments are located in one direction, beautifully straighten them in the process of work. For reliability, we connect the twigs to the ring with a camouflage shade or a thin wire. We adorn a wreath with cones. We fix them with a pistol with hot glue or wire. Related articles Supplement the wreath with tassels of berries.Berries of a bright red hue will look most impressive. They can be powdered with artificial snow. To attach to the wreath, simply sew on the tassels of the berries using a needle and green thread. We tie the wreath with a matching braid andwe hang it on the door. Advice from designer Maya Smirnova: - In order not to spoil the door leaf, carefully nail the stud for the tape into the upper end of the wooden door. Choose a thin tape so that the door closes freely. Happy New Year, friends! Photos are provided by the designer