House and Cottage

Big house: how to make a home, when there is no need to save space


Great when you do not need to save squaremeters. Many people dream of a big house. What to choose and how to arrange it as comfortable and useful as possible? How do you balance the space so it looks simple and beautiful? A wooden house is an example of home comfort, soulful atmosphere and warmth. When filled with interesting things with history, it becomes unique. This is a great platform for creativity, especially when the house has an impressive area. Here is an example of a house where the main design criterion was massiveness in combination with old objects. The house is located in Lambertville, near Philadelphia. This city is located in a historically significant place, and the house itself is 200 years old. A family of farmers lives here: a couple in love and their children. They love nature, outdoor activities, animals and everything unusual.

Time Link: Wall Clock

It can be seen that time is appreciated and honored in this traditions. This is confirmed by the massive wall clock. Of course, this is more of a decorative detail than a functional one. The watch is striking in its dimensions and hints at a connection with the past. All surrounding pieces of furniture and decor are in harmony with them. It is interesting that all over the world designers began to use large wall clocks, especially in the interiors of country houses. The best place for them is the dining room or the kitchen.

Loft and country in one place

The space of the house is filled with differentindustrial objects, as if there was once a weaving factory. The furnishings with coarse beams on the ceiling, fireplace and free space allow for this atmosphere to be recreated. See how the trolley with legs fits the role of a coffee table. The house has many rooms with massive leather armchairs, burlap poufs, tables. Apparently, the family loves to spend time talking and inviting guests to their place. Our opinion: - This interior has successfully synthesized two of the brightest and most colorful American styles - loft and country. Lots of wood, metal, natural stone, vintage pieces and unusual lighting fixtures make this 200 year old home full, interesting and unusual. Here you want to examine and study every detail. The owners managed to bring the industrial chic and coziness inherent in the country style to the house. A truly American stylish country home that's a pleasure to spend a weekend or a holiday!

Simplicity and sophistication

To describe in a few wordsinterior, one can note simplicity and deliberate rudeness in it. It is good that this is a "living" house and many antiques are used functionally. Look at the interesting round wooden wheel on the wall. It turns out that it was adapted as a bottle storage. Elegant chandeliers stand out against the background of all massive objects. They are present in every room and dilute the simplicity, make the house softer, more feminine. Our opinion: - Using this house as an example, we were convinced that spacious rooms are best decorated in warm colors. This technique makes the premises cozier.