House and Cottage

How to choose an apartment: key criteria

The crisis is not a crisis, but comfort habitationstill very much in demand in the real estate market. We tell what the modern resident of the megapolis expects from his future home and how the construction companies respond to these expectations. In the current economic climate, developers have to fight for the customers, and not fight off them, as it was only 3-4 years ago. The needs of the population change over the years, but the requirements are becoming increasingly rigid. The Expert Council of the Urban Awards has been evaluating residential properties for the following eight years according to the following parameters:

  • location;
  • construction material;
  • architectural solution;
  • design solutions (ceiling height, apartment area);
  • technical equipment;
  • parking (including underground);
  • security (security organization);
  • the territory of the house (courtyard);
  • infrastructure of the complex and the district;
  • cost per square meter (price / quality ratio).

We spoke with representatives of constructioncompanies and found out that the three key factors that influence the decision to purchase at the present time, it is the price, and. Price always comes first. Even a slight difference in the cost of housing can play a decisive role in choosing an object. Therefore, the first reaction from developers to the crisis is an increase in the volume of discounts. But this state of affairs turned out to be unprofitable for the developers themselves, and then a new solution appeared - to reduce the area of ​​apartments, but to make comfortable layouts that meet the needs of buyers. For example, if a few years ago the norm for a studio was 30–32 square meters, today it is 22–25, and in some projects the area is reduced to 16–18 square meters. Ksenia Tsaplina, Deputy Director for Strategic Development of Federal Grid Company "Leader", positively assesses the following situation: In requests for the category of multi-room apartments, we observe an increase in the share of the "euro" format: "euro-two", "euro-trashka". This approach to planning allows to provide apartment residents with greater functionality in a smaller area. For example, the area of ​​a three-room apartment is 60-65 square meters, while the buyer receives two full-fledged bedrooms and a kitchen-living room area of ​​20 square meters. By the way, according to Ksenia, now the real estate market, albeit slowly, is beginning to recover. In the fall - for the first time this year - many developers have come to a decision to raise prices. On average, no more than 1-2%, but now this is a sufficient level. And the further development of events will largely depend on the situation in the mortgage market after the completion of the program of state subsidies for mortgages. Location and infrastructure At the first momentmore than affordable price attracts, but the buyer immediately begins to find out how long it will take to get from home to work, whether there is a suitable kindergarten nearby, whether he can leave the car two steps from the entrance. A pharmacy and a hairdresser on the ground floor are now too few to interest a potential buyer. Developers have to think over complex solutions, which include underground parking lots, their own management companies, schools and kindergartens right in the courtyard, parks and walking areas. Another important point is highlighted by Pavel Inshakov, head of the sales department of the residential complex “Akkord. Smart-quarter ": More and more people choose such real estate near Moscow, which does not involve the use of a personal car, that is, buyers mainly rely on public transport. For example, it is located between two railway branches - the Belarusian and Kiev directions, so it will not be a problem for residents to get to any point in the city in time. Pavel clarifies that one should expect even more increased attention of developers to the infrastructure component of projects, since it is it that is one of the "three pillars" on which sales are now held - it is irrational to save on it. Exterior of the house and decoration of the apartment Literallya few years ago, this item did not appear at all in the basic requirements for developers. And now all real estate experts as one say: the demand for finished apartments is growing. At the same time, the architecture of the house itself also plays an important role - the market now provides a wide selection of residential complexes with various architectural, conceptual and other parameters. The choice is growing - and the requirements of buyers are growing. The change in these requirements was commented by Alexander Poduskov, Development Director of KR Properties JSC: Developers have to devote much more time to developing the project concept and details. It will not work just to build square meters - such objects will not withstand competition. As a result, the boundaries between classes of real estate began to blur. Some objects of economy and comfort class are comparable in terms of equipment with offers of a higher level. Future owners of comfort-class housing rely on the simplest finishing, no frills and frills, but high-quality. Therefore, developers have to keep track of issues related to repair teams and materials. The price of an apartment with finishing is not much higher, and the choice is increasingly made in favor of such real estate.