How to equip one-room apartment-studio: where to place the kitchen


You have a studio apartment, and you have already selected for itexcellent cuisine? Then you just have to make a few final interior touches in order to refine the rest of the space of your apartment. Now the masters of their craft will tell you how to design a studio with a ready-made kitchen.Today has prepared an article especially for its readers, in the creation of which three professionals in the field of interior design took part at once: Anastasia Topoeva, Alena Timofeeva and Anna Yakupova. A representative of a French kitchen factory also joined the discussion. Talented young ladies shared with us the secrets of creating an interior in a studio apartment with a pre-installed kitchen. Kitchen factory Mobalpa Anastasia Topoeva,Architect: - Well-planned kitchen in the studio apartment - this is already half the case in the organization of the interior space of the whole apartment. Of course, you need to proceed from the wishes and preferences of the owner of the apartment. However, here are some common interior rules for a studio apartment:

  • To create an atmosphere of privacy, you can make sliding translucent partitions (in the case of an apartment for a young family with a child for example);
  • Allow the option of including the kitchen in the general space of the room (on the kitchen island, for example, you can make a small work area for working with the laptop);
  • Kitchen furniture is desirable to design in such a way that it seamlessly integrated into the general style concept of the apartment interior.

Artur Guchigov, Mobalpa: - When arranging the kitchen in a studio apartment, it is important to choose a manufacturer that can offer the largest selection of elements that combine the living room and the kitchen itself. That is, just put a kitchen island between the living room and kitchen cabinets - not the best option for a studio apartment. Here you need a more comfortable solution that will create coziness and really correctly zonate space. the kitchen of the Mobalpa factory It would seem that the bike is alreadyinvented and nothing else can be thought of. However, our specialists are unusually creative people, and they always have several original solutions for any, at first glance, banal question. How the designer Anna Yakupova advises to act when creating an interior in a studio apartment, read below. Anna Yakupova, designer: - Kitchen in the studio apartment. The main points of a good location:

  • Proper zoning of the room (so that the cooking area and wet area, for example, do not fall within the scope of the person resting on the couch);
  • The ventilation of the room must be correctly calculated and planned;
  • The style of the kitchen and the combined living room should be unified.

Artur Guchigov, Mobalpa: - As the Mobalpa factory is French, many of its models take into account typical layouts of French apartments. And if you know that most of the apartments in France are small, it becomes clear why Mobalpa cuisine is so popular with Russian customers: the size and size of cabinets and other elements are perfectly adapted for small apartments. Therefore, to equip the kitchen in the studio apartment with the help of Mobalpa furniture is a pleasure. kitchen factory Mobalpa Charming AlenaTimofeeva shared with us two options for the interior filling of an open-plan one-room apartment and clearly demonstrated how a kitchen can be located in a standard one-room apartment with an area of ​​33 square meters. Alena Timofeeva A graduate of the design faculty of the Moscow State Art University named after S.G. Stroganov, Alena Timofeeva has been designing private and public spaces since 2006. Behind the designer-architect dozens of interiors: private apartments, cottages and townhouses, offices, offices, exhibition premises. Alena has her own company - Studio FD. Option 1 - In this case, you are seeing an example of a project in progress. The layout of not just a kitchen-living room is described here, but the transformation of a one-room apartment as a whole. Let's consider the option in stages and in detail:

  • We consider the object from the point of view of external and bearing walls, window openings and wet zones;
  • Should take into account that the boundaries of the kitchen can not move towards the bathroom and vice versa. Also, you can not "stop by" in the residential area, but we can use the corridor space freely;
  • Bearing partitions can not be demolished, it is also not necessary to organize openings in them without permission (especially since obtaining this permission will be quite problematic);
  • In this case, the kitchen is separated from the living room by an easy partition, it can be dismantled - permission to receive, of course, is needed, but it will not give you much trouble;
  • The existing corridor is added to the bathroom - the area has increased from 2.55 sq. M. M to 3.9 square meters. M;
  • Entrance hall (3.9 square meters. M): the configuration and the opening of the entrance door allows you to organize a dedicated dressing room - 1.7 square meters. M. It is enough to designate its borders with sliding partitions (there is no need for permission);
  • Kitchen (5.9 square meters. M) after the conversion of the corridor was received in addition two square meters for the organization of furniture; The space along the wall with the window also became part of the kitchen furniture and a place for breakfasts at the same time;
  • there is no classic dining table, but there is in the living room, it is transformed into a dining table when necessary, and the chairs (folded) can be placed in the dressing room;
  • The living room is separated from the kitchen by an easy sliding partition. In the room there are two doorways along the edges of the wall, a TV stand with a TV perfectly fits between them; on the contrary, a sofa with a furniture group;
  • The depth of furniture varies depending on the task: from 450 to 600 mm, if the dressing room is not enough, then we use cabinets;
  • The customer plays the piano, his electric version is placed opposite the window;
  • And the transformer-table complete the filling of the living room; Balcony 1,5 square meters. M of useful area - do not forget about tea in the warm season.

Option 2 The task is to get a dedicated sleeping area:

  • The area of ​​the corridor is given in favor of the bathroom; In the hallway we make a dressing room;
  • The room is divided into two zones: a living room and an allocated sleeping area;
  • We separate the sleeping area with a wardrobe opening into the corridor;
  • The living room area contains a sofa, a convertible table and a TV. If desired, you can also place an electronic version of the piano;
  • And do not forget about the balcony for tea.