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Brutal means beautiful


The word "brutal" is associated most often withThe image of a handsome man of medium unshaven and excellent muscularity. You ask, what does this have to do with the interior? The most direct Rough, but elegant; Strict, but stylish - this is how you can describe the interior, which rightfully bears the name of brutal. This style designers and architects of the late 70s of the last century developed in the West, taking as a basis postwar modernism. Russian masters brought in it a local flavor and adapted to Russian perception, leaving the main thing: rough texture and elegance.

To lovers of harsh simplicity is dedicated

Brutality in the interior is natural, butfor show; finishing, but minimal; decorations, but heavy. And in this combination of incongruous, amazing balance, harmony and beauty are born. Designers use straight lines, strict geometry to create a brutal interior, showing the natural essence of the original elements, emphasizing their naturalness. Sometimes natural materials can be replaced with artificial imitations, but they must be made flawlessly so as not to turn brutality into vulgarity and kitsch. Well-crafted concrete and bricks that are carefully integrated into the overall interior can be supplemented with metal beams and wooden elements. It is possible to call such a corner of the apartment cozy only with reservations, but lovers of naturalness and harsh simplicity will surely like this style.

There is no place for sissies

If you gravitate towards aesthetic pleasures,if you prefer to contemplate exquisite interior solutions, plunge into the gentle warmth of an upholstered chair and an affectionate blanket, brutal style is not for you. You will feel discomfort from the cold walls, from the roughness of the lines, from the dull colors. However, gray concrete does not exclude colored accessories, for example, in the form of pillows on a monumental classic sofa or a beautiful carpet against a brick wall. But one sign, which has already become a symbol of a brutal style, will help to unmistakably recognize it even in the most unusual interpretation: it is an inverted pyramid, in any shape and size present in such a design solution. They fit perfectly into the brutal interiorsecret niches, safes and closets. Painted canvases and photographs look great on concrete walls. There is only one rule: there should not be a lot of all these additional details, otherwise they will nullify all efforts to create a rough interior, they will blur the look, distracting from the main thing. Almost any furniture can be combined with such a finish - from classic, heavy and massive to plastic and even wicker. But the ideal option is an old or artificially aged setting, which emphasizes the brutal beauty of the interior, flexing with muscles and details, and the mean smile of strict window openings.