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Closet for the whole floor: a bright and unusual house in Brazil

If you have always dreamed that in the interiorYour home was dominated by bright colors and a cheerful atmosphere, then you should definitely get acquainted with this mansion from sunny Brazil Brazil - the country of the sun, joyful people, green forests and carnivals. Therefore, it is not surprising that among all this abundance of earthly goods in the city of São Paulo appeared such a bright house with a stunning, rich interior. It perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding nature and gives a positive mood not only to the owners, but also to any guest who visited this residence. An obsolete mansion of the 70s with an area of ​​350 squares was purchased by a young couple with three young children. The family decided to move to permanent residence from eternally rainy London to sunny Brazil. Apparently, the gloomy capital they were so bored with, that they wanted to tear themselves away and with the change of the country to surround themselves with a lot of cheerful colors. In this they helped designers from the studio Guilherme Torres.

Completely non-standard layout

This bright house has a very unusualLayout, where the living room and kitchen are located on the ground floor, and a playroom for children and bedrooms - on the first. This decision was made by the architect during consultations with customers on Skype. As a result, the old cellar got panoramic windows and became the pearl of the whole interior with access to the pool and a wonderful view of the fragrant garden.

Rainbow cabinet for the whole floor

In the living room the center of attention, no doubt,Is a lacquered rainbow cabinet. This is a whole storage system, painted in all colors of the rainbow, which creates a joyful mood and sets the dynamics for the rest of the space. And as the basis was chosen a calm white, which allowed to emphasize and intensify the effect of the riot of colors. But the bright colors here are cleverly diluted, the designer took them to pastel shades, so they were not screaming. Our opinion: - If you want to include in its interior a large number of bright colors, it is best to draw the walls and ceiling in white, it will become a link and the room will not look cluttered. And even if you are not ready for such a bold step as in this Brazilian project, and do not plan to use all the colors of the rainbow, you should know a few rules about color combinations. You can combine 2-3 similar colors, for example, green, blue and blue. In this case, the interior will not become too flashy, but it will be bright and disposable. Or take two absolutely opposite colors, it can be blue and orange or purple with yellow. However, it is better not to use this contrast combination in the bedroom or the nursery, but leave it for the living room.

Dining table, "grown up" from under the ground

The dining room is decorated with a concrete dining table,Built during the rough construction work and personally designed by Guilherme Torres (Guilherme Torres), the head of the studio and part-time architect. And to distinguish between the living room and the reception area, a Turkish vintage carpet was used in an attractive green color. It also partially housed furniture, which the owners purchased in London and brought with them from the foggy Albion.

Corner of appeasement

It is noteworthy that in general the bright house is differentPresence of rather reserved interior in adult bedrooms. Here was chosen a pacifying green shade, which perfectly promotes a relaxed relaxing atmosphere, because for rest it is the defining moment. And the presence of wooden elements adds comfort and warmth to the rooms. Our opinion: - A perfect choice of colors for the bedroom. After all, the pastel colors of green perfectly contribute to relaxation and allow you to better fall asleep. And so that this magic color does not lose its lightness, do not overload the room with heavy curtains and cumbersome furniture. For quality rest, it is better to try to make the space airy and relaxed.

Other rooms

In turn, the children's bedrooms look colorful andfun. One of the rooms is made in marine blue-green shades, and the second - as if citrus, bright orange. The contrasty bathroom absorbed a restrained color of concrete and colorful yellow elements, which look very sunny on a neutral gray background. And perhaps, the only place where quiet colors prevail over the riot of colors is the snow-white cuisine, which seems to be the logical conclusion of the whole project. Denilson Machada,