Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Beautiful five-room apartment from the designer Marina Sarkisyan: gray color and furniture IKEA.


Many people dislike gray and find it prettyboring. But the customers of this project are so in love with him that they asked to use only his shades! This is what came of it. This apartment is located on 2 floors and belongs to a large and friendly family. The original problematic layout (with a supporting column in the very center of the apartment) caused a lot of trouble, but the designer Marina Sargsyan successfully coped with all the difficulties. Marina Sargsyan, designer-decorator In the profession since 2005. She was born into the family of an artist who taught Marina to plunge into art with her head, to see beauty in the most primitive objects. She graduated from the Technical University, the School of Design, specialized courses in the training center "Career", attended design master classes in Finland.

Features of the layout

The apartment is located in a 4-storey building innear Moscow cottage village Bely Bereg. The height of the ceilings was from 2 m 76 cm to 2 m 82 cm. There was no decoration, and the layout was free. There was nothing in the room except a staircase to the second floor and a large column in the center, which became the main difficulty: it did not allow the space to be divided into equal rooms. Then it was decided to fill in an additional ceiling over the stairs, align everything and make a few more steps. Thanks to this, it was possible to put the interior door where it should be, and the rooms turned out to be almost the same in area.

Color solution and lighting

Customers really wanted the interior to be inGray tones. Shades of this color and used in the decoration of all rooms and rooms. Light accents include yellowish-golden colors of textiles. Lighting in all rooms is very soft and is represented by ceiling chandeliers and lamps.


Another great desire of customers was the use of furniture from IKEA. Which, Marina and customers have already decided.

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room will be decorated with shadesGray color in combination with white classic stucco. The supporting column was decided to decorate with pilasters with a classical capital, with 2 pilasters for the living room.


As the family is quite large, the bedroomsIn an apartment a little: for parents, for children 3 and 14 years and for the grandmother. Bedrooms of parents and children are made in gray tones. Grandmother's room is a soft gray color, which is diluted in dark blue and green. Approximate budget for repairs without furniture - 900Thousand - 1 million rubles (excluding the cost of rough materials and services of the repair team). The project is under implementation. Repair work has already begun.