Caution scammers! How to protect yourself when buying an apartment: the rules of the transaction

Buying an apartment is a complicated procedure, scammersThe real estate market a lot. It is necessary to be extremely careful and attentive, insuring yourself against possible risks. We conduct an education campaign: "What you need to know when buying any apartment" Buying an apartment is always a major and serious event. Too large sums, too high risks, too many fraudulent schemes designed for credulity, faith in someone else's decency and the legal pettifogging "at the bottom of the page in small letters." Documents, certificates, power of attorney for an unprepared person look like a Chinese letter, and it's impossible to understand if there is something wrong in them. Experience and qualifications are needed in order to understand everything and to know where one can meet the dirty trick. Therefore, it is best to act through reputable legal agencies with a good reputation. This will require certain costs, but will reduce the risks of fraud or unpleasant surprises many times over. Additional insurance can be a notarization of all contracts and powers of attorney from an outside lawyer. 90% of buyers of new buildings do not even imagine the risks that come with buying a house in a newly built house. After all, the problems faced by buyers of new buildings, almost the same and wander from one building to another. This is the opinion of professionals working in this field.

We buy a new building

What to look for when buying an apartment inNew building? 1. Degree of readiness of the house, connection of communications. 2. Conclusion of the contract of equity participation in construction - DDU. This reduces the risk several times, as it is stipulated in 214-FZ (this is your Bible at the time of purchase). No double sale on the DDU is never. If the developer is working on such contracts, then he is guaranteed to have a building permit, with the land also resolved the issue and with other documents from such a developer order. 3. Is the new building accredited in the bank? How many banks issue loans for this property? It is better if several banks do this, not just the one that lends to the developer himself. The main creditor bank should be solid and with good financial resources. 4. Reputation is expensive: find out how many houses the builder has built and whether there were problems and what kind of construction of other real estate objects. 5. Evaluation of the apartment from the investment point of view: location, availability of free parking spaces, landscaping of the territory, availability of kindergartens, schools, shops; Transport accessibility, evaluation of the whole neighborhood as a whole (neighborhood with a highway, railway, cemetery, hypermarkets, parks and other objects), apartment layout, ceiling height, wall thickness, whether they are insulated, location of elevators, windows, thickness of floors, floor And the last not to take) and stuff. 6. Documents required for checking the apartment:

  • Investment contract;
  • Project declaration;
  • Building permit;
  • Project documentation, the conclusion of the state expertise of project documentation;
  • Feasibility study of the multi-apartment building project;
  • Certificate of ownership of land or lease;
  • Contract with the insurance company (this is an additional responsibility of the builder to the buyer) or a suretyship agreement;
  • An extract from a single register for real estate and transactions with it (for a land plot);
  • Registration and constitutive documents of the developer: the company's charter, certificate of TIN, OGRN, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (no more than a month old), the balance sheet for the last reporting date;
  • The form of the contract, which will sell the apartment.

7, 8, 9, 10 ... - a lot of other subtleties and differentComplexity of legal and bureaucratic aspects. Are you ready to deal with all this, spending precious time and nerves? As a result, the level of professionals you still will not reach. So, the risks remain. The most important point from the above is the availability ofThe developer of the insurance contract or surety (additional interim measures). Legally prescribed innovation is effective from January 1, 2014 (Article 12.1. 214-FZ). This is an additional responsibility of the developer before the buyer: developers are obliged to insure (liability insurance of the developer of non-fulfillment or improper performance of obligations to transfer the living space to the participant in the shared construction) his responsibility in the insurance company or conclude a contract of guarantee. What does this mean for the buyer who invested his funds in the DDU? In the event of bankruptcy of the developer, the insurance company or guarantor compensates all the costs of the buyer. If the developer does not provide these interim measures, he will be refused state registration.

How to find an apartment yourself: the Internet will help

First of all, it is necessary to determine the mainCharacteristics of the purchased apartment, for example: the area, the floor, the presence of a balcony / loggia, a combined / separate bathroom, the number of rooms, layout, area, description of transport accessibility (public transport stops, the proximity of the metro, availability of access roads, parking), the price range that you You can afford. Important: if you plan to increase the family, it is necessary either to take the apartment "with a margin", or one that can be easily sold in a few years. It can be a "pavilion" in the layout, in the house there is an elevator, a garbage chute, not the first and not the last floors, a kitchen of more than eight squares, reinforced concrete floors and other options that are in demand among acquirers. A convenient / prestigious location is the most important parameter, do not forget about it. If you managed to find the apartment you liked with some deviations from the listed list, but at a very attractive price (below the market price), you should take a closer look at it. If you resell (when the apartment becomes small) and if it is low, it will be guaranteed to be sold. After you have decided what kind of apartment you need, start looking. The most active and powerful databases in Moscow:

  • This resource is used by all real estate agencies, this is for professionals. All the information available here is fragmentarily repeated on other specialized sites;
  • Accumulates information from three databases, it is free, which attracts users;
  • and others - there are a lot of them.

As a rule, paid databases are more informative. All authoritative resources have a mapping of the location of the proposed apartments on a scalable map. It is easy to determine on it whether the windows of the apartment are facing the yard or on the tracks, as far as reality is far / near to the metro and stops. Are there any objects of social infrastructure, parks and squares near the house?

Purchase of a secondary fund apartment

You want to buy a particular apartmentFund, which you have found and that suits you. It should be said that there are a lot of dangers in this case. But much less than when investing in the construction of a new house. To provide for itself full transparency of the transaction in this case is much easier, because there is no risk of bankruptcy of the developer. After all, the apartment exists, you just need to check its status for legal purity. And find out the existence of encumbrances. The main thing is not to start fussing and strive to make a deal in the shortest possible time. This is wrong in all situations, and in such - even more so. First you need to find out how much the apartment is "clean", whether there are any "tails" behind it in the form of various unpleasant burdens. The first thing that is done is an extract from the Unified State Register. From it you will get reliable information about the owner of the apartment. And other extremely useful information: is there no arrest, no mortgage, no one in it registered and so on. An extract is issued to the district departments of the registration chamber upon application with the attached address of the apartment and paid state duty. The period of validity of the certificate is one month, then it must be updated. After meeting with the seller, get from him a form of F-9, it contains information on utility payments (whether there is debt) and on the people registered in the apartment. It is important to find out whether the apartment was redeveloped. This is checked with viewing the cadastral / technical passport (the seller provides). The passport must be no older than five years, otherwise it must be updated. Subtleties and wisdoms are enough for further work. The check should give an answer, whether there is a court case for the apartment, whether the house is going to be demolished / moved soon. If in the first case you can go to the site of the district court (by belonging to the apartment) and, having entered the name of the owner, get an answer, then with the demolition and resettlement everything is much more complicated. Conclusion: it is better to entrust all the bureaucratic papers and the transaction for the purchase of a secondary fund apartment to professionals who know the subject thoroughly. It's not the realtor agencies that are interested, but independent attorney / legal offices. For reducing the risk will have to pay.

The most important thing when buying any apartment

Making such a large-scale acquisition, like buyingApartments - a new building or a "secondary housing" - you need to act strictly "on instructions." And not a jot from it does not deviate. If you decide to act on your own, then no "on parole" and "tomorrow will bring the missing documents" can not be. Even if you cooperate with someone like a proven person. If you act in a civilized and much safer way, entrusting a turnkey deal to specialized specialists, you will save a huge amount of time and nerves. And you will get almost 100 percent certainty that everything will pass in the shortest time and with an unconditional security guarantee. Important: in any case, do not take this material as exhaustive. We just wanted to explain the need to act with extreme caution, with care and with the involvement of independent professionals.