Gypsy with exit: 5 ideas of the brightest and most detailed interior


You are a passionate lover of travel, bright colors andshine? Do you like to have fun, create an atmosphere of celebration and joy? Do you like to host guests at home? We suggest trying to apply gypsy color in the interior. It is distinguished by an abundance of rich colors, shine, and radiance. It contains bright carpets, pillows with various prints, poufs. This is largely due to the fact that the gypsy interior was shaped by the influence of different cultures. This people roamed all over the world, so a lot of interesting and colorful things are mixed in it. The interiors perfectly coexist with classic columns, stucco moldings and oriental poufs with colorful pillows. The uniqueness of this style lies in its individuality. The main thing is to bring notes of joy, color and warmth to the interior. How do you create such an atmosphere? Here are five of the most interesting ideas that will help awaken the spirit of wandering and make your home more colorful.

All of my burden with me

Since the gypsies are a nomadic people, they oftenmoved. I had to carry everything I needed with me. You understand yourself: you can't really carry heavy pieces of furniture. Therefore, for convenience, they used pillows, carpets. This is reflected in the modern interiors of the gypsies. Our opinion: - To create an approximate atmosphere, use decorative pillows, bedspreads with bright prints in the interior. The forms can be very different. The influence of oriental culture is felt in their style, so poufs, canopies, brass and gold accessories are also welcome.

Decorating the walls

Although in the Roma modern interior is oftenStucco molding, columns, moldings, fireplaces - the walls can be decorated with colorful carpets. The most interesting thing is that they do not have to be expensive. On the contrary, even a bright fabric is quite suitable for decoration. So easily and quickly you can create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere.

Features of style

As soon as the gypsies had the opportunity to livesettled, they chose the merchant, noble and oriental styles as the basis of their dwelling. The interior contains various elements and objects that awaken the gypsy spirit of freedom and passion for travel. Often in their house you will see vintage suitcases, as a hint calling for the road. An interesting idea that can be easily applied at home. The combination of styles from different cultures makes the interior interesting. Use open shelves where you can display souvenirs from various trips. Our opinion: - This is a universal style, only a little brighter, more fun, more unusual. One rule applies here: decorate the house the way you like. Even one bright bedspread can liven up a bright room.


The gypsy culture is very interesting.These people do not forget their traditions - the gypsies still love fun and are ready to receive guests at home. Therefore, large sofas, armchairs, poufs and soft chairs are always present in the gypsy interior. They can look luxurious, pompous, with bright upholstery, if you use merchant, noble styles. Although simple geometric shapes of furniture using oriental style are not excluded. In this case, additional elements are carpets, decorative pillows, beautiful openwork lamps.

Temperament color

Color is the main "chip" in creatingThe Gypsy interior. In such an apartment should be juicy, rainbow, bright and beautiful. There must be a passionate temperament and romance. Flowers, original patterns, a game of contrasts and diversity - all this is typical of the gypsy style.