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How to create a perfect beige interior: 20 ideas and 10 tips -

What is so good about the beige color in the interior?Why do designers call it universal? In combination with what shades and colors is it best? We tell and show If you are, you first of all choose the color scheme in which the room will be sustained. This is a very important matter, because you have to live in a new interior for more than one month, and feel irritation contemplating a radical orange or cold blue - not every psyche will stand it. Be sure to consult with your family - how they see the living room, bedroom or kitchen. These discussions very quickly reach the point of absurdity, because, as practice shows, it is very rare to reach an agreement, and only if someone prefers to give in so as not to bury the idea of ​​repair at the very beginning. But we will show you how to keep the peace in the family and transform the interior in the best way. If you hesitate between juicy green and thick burgundy - choose beige, you will not go wrong. It is a unique color in every respect. It can be warm, cold, rich or neutral - it all depends on the partner shade and its combination with other colors, which, of course, should be present in the interior. Can't believe that beige is finegoes well with absolutely any other color? Nevertheless, it is so. Let's see, at the same time you can choose a couple of ideas for your home. Just don't forget to show them to your loved ones. Even if they choose different accents, it is not difficult to agree on how to change shades over time to everyone's pleasure. The main thing will still remain unshakable: beige will remain the main color of the interior for a long time. We know what we're talking about. Beige + chocolate Bitter chocolate, milk, mocha, with cream ... These colors against the background of a beige base can either be emphasized and deliberately stand out, or soften - it all depends on the ratio of shades, the size of the room and the shape of the furniture. Discreet, graceful, calm. Beige + white This combination at first glanceseems like a decorative tautology. White and beige seem to merge with each other, giving the impression of a gradient transition from one color to another. You can often find this "couple" in Scandinavian interiors. Gently, agree! Beige + gray In this confluence it is sometimes difficultunderstand where is gray and where is beige. Often this duo is decorated with a delicate hint of chocolate in the form of a wooden piece of furniture or accessory and a warm blanket to match the main shades. But the general range still remains mostly beige and gray. Do you know what? Beige + black If in a room where the mainthe color is beige, there is at least a small black detail - other shades seem to be blurred and absorbed by such a combination. By the way, designers call it classic. Let's believe. At the same time, let us pay attention to the fact that a small black object focuses the gaze, ready to float from the infinity of beige, and at first glance, large black frames of paintings give severity and even solemnity to a small volume, while not suppressing it at all. And also Beige + pink Well, what about pink is,Of course, this is too strong a word, in fact, in its place there may be any shades included in the pink spectrum, and there are many of them. The vulgar taste of glamor attached to this color should not stop you: take a closer look, such interiors look like pastels by the talented artist Vianna Szabo. How do you like the "frightened nymph's thigh color"? This is exactly how soft pink, attributed to the aesthetics of French Rococo of the first half of the 18th century, is translated from French (in the original - cuisse de nimphe émue). In another interpretation, it is “the color of the thigh of a touched, embarrassed or hurt nymph,” but we do not insist on such a name. Asya Bondareva, interior designer:- In the design environment, it is believed that beige interiors are already boring, impersonal and irrelevant. However, clients, often talking about the color palette of the future interior, begin to describe precisely the beige range, which gives a feeling of calmness and serenity. I am sure that you can create interesting, designer interiors in beige shades. When working with beige shades, one must not forget about accents, for example, be sure to use dark accents, black or dark brown, this will add graphicity and prevent the interior from falling apart. Beige interiors, in fact, are an excellent background for active colors, for example, grassy green or lemon yellow will give the interior a positive look, burgundy and terracotta shades - respectability, blue and emerald - solidity, etc. Combinations of textures also work very well - even by choosing interesting textures in the same scale, you can achieve interesting effects. So do not write off beige interiors, you just need to learn how to cook them correctly :))!/profile.php?id=100001976524313 Beige + green and it leaves with the swiftness of sand running through your fingers. Green is the main thing in such compositions, even if there is very little of it. This is enough for comfort. Beige + gold Gold or yellow parts pairedwith beige hint at Art Deco, but in reasonable quantities they rather warm up such an interior than they seek to turn it into an exhibition of art objects. Note: all other color spots, if any, do not draw attention to themselves. Beige + tiffany This combination immediately bringsthoughts of Mediterranean motives in the decor. And this is warmth, sea, shells, vacation, sun, beach, ice cream, wine, beautiful girls ... Yes, we choose tiffany! Beige + burgundy By burgundy we mean a lotshades, from scarlet red and coral to dense flea belly (yes, there is one!) and brazilin. This is a combination for choleric people, extroverts, flamenco lovers and all Spanish. Do you become melancholic in the fall? Well, that was before, until you had an interior in such a design. Can you hear the castanets ringing? We, too. We will then change our tiffany to something in beige and burgundy. While you are reflecting which of thecombinations to take as a basis for your interior, we will give you 10 useful tips that will help you to successfully implement the new idea and enjoy the result.

  • Remember: the beige base does not mean that this color should occupy the floor, ceiling and walls. Know the measure.
  • Choosing the color partner, do not try to combine it with beige in a ratio of 50/50. Better is a small bright accent than the riot of active color everywhere.
  • Use to enhance the effect of the shades of the mirror. Place them so that the bright accessories are reflected in the mirror at a slight angle. Asymmetry makes the interior visually more interesting.
  • Lighting is another great way to emphasize what you want and leave it in the shade too catchy.
  • Note that the introduction of two active shades in the beige interior can not always take root for a long time. With this in mind, consider the possibility of removing unnecessary, without violating the overall concept.
  • Beige curtains in the floor visually increase the window, use this technique.
  • The main plus of the beige - it will never annoy you. Change the color of the partner is not so difficult if desired.
  • In the beige interior, any items from wood, rattan, straws look great.
  • Beige color is suitable for any room, it does not narrow the space, smooths out structural irregularities.
  • Remember: beige too has many shades, look at different options and think carefully which one will be a good basis for your home.
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