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Kitchens-2016: the main trends and technical innovations -


Wood, stone, sliding wall panels andkitchen as a social space. Today we will tell you what new and useful manufacturers of German kitchens offer us for 2016 One of the largest manufacturers of German kitchens, the Nolte concern, at its home autumn exhibition showed many interesting trends, of which the editors chose the most relevant, intersecting with the trends announced by other large manufacturers. Before you - editorial analytics of the trends and novelties seen. Kitchen without borders is the most in-demand trend of 2016. Surveys of European buyers show that the modern city dweller expects from the kitchen not so much a large size or openness, but rather a wide range of social opportunities. For all family members and friends - for preparing a dinner party, over a cup of coffee, during a family breakfast or at a chamber party at home ... The more scenarios you can plan, the better. Our opinion: - All manufacturers now offer a wider range of functions than before, and hide them as carefully as possible behind a variety of facades, doors and panels, while saving every useful centimeter. Kitchen furniture is becoming indistinguishable from the living room, and the central elements - tables, bar counters and kitchen islands - are increasingly graphic, elegant and vibrant. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Harmony of natural textures

  • The most fashionable material for the kitchen next season, it seems, will be a tree. Warm scales, natural shades and pronounced texture are the hallmarks of the lion's share of new products from Nolte.
  • Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Our view: - To emphasize the relief and direction of the fibers, the lower backlight of the countertop is used. The pens are either hidden or missing. All attention is to the luxurious natural material and the clear simple lines, square or rectangular. Such solutions make it possible to easily adapt kitchen modules in any space - small kitchen areas, combined kitchens-living rooms or open studios, where the boundaries between functional areas are practically erased. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte 2. Stone.By the way, the first stone facades were shown about 15 years ago by the Italian factory Minotti Cucine, but then it was an exclusive in the square: no one else did this and the volume of production at Minotti did not allow stamping stone facades like cakes and selling them at an affordable price. therefore, only a select few could have a stone kitchen. And only 5 years ago, several European manufacturers tried to repeat the experience with stone facades, offering them in their luxury collections. The Nolte factory has taken a huge step forward by putting the production of stone facades on an affordable conveyor. From now on, the stone not only covers, but also constitutes the kitchen itself. The facades, which very faithfully imitate stone texture, are presented in two versions so far - Basalt and Glasier. They can not only be combined with wooden and plastic modules, which is already quite interesting, but also with each other, creating very unusual and contrasting images. Perhaps one of the brightest is the stone island in the center of the kitchen. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte 3. Fashionable colors. New shades - brick-red, glossy gray and pastel blue. They are perfectly combined in both traditional and modern kitchens. Recommended catchy, but not screaming combinations: red and gray or delicate blue in the neighborhood of a rough oak board. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Nolte kitchen A miracle of technology at the service of designThe main trend of the season is the most compact layout. Modules of various models and styles can be easily combined and complemented each other. Looking at most of them, you can never tell that they are kitchen furniture. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Nolte Kitchen Technical developments are aimed at.Wall panels are now offered in the form of ready-made sets that can be assembled according to the principle of a constructor, or created for a specific room with the desired set of individual functions. You can hang lighting there, add profiles for kitchen accessories and modular drives, you can even embed a TV or computer monitor. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Nolte kitchen Our opinion:- The new interpretation of the kitchen as a space that connects dozens of different functions is forcing manufacturers to change their attitude to. One of the most convenient and stylish solutions is the system of retractable front panels, the so-called "curtain doors", which will allow the hostesses to hide their "workshop" in just a few minutes. Now these doors are made in different sizes, materials and colors. Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte Kitchen Nolte