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Bedroom design: photo interiors and modern ideas


Modern design no longer suits the rules. There are only certain trends on the basis of which you can put bold experiments to create a fashionable interior. Today we are talking about the new current trends for the bedroom design of 2015 Today we can safely say that the dictatorship of clearly marked styles in the interior collapsed. All that just recently seemed a blatant violation of design canons is now interpreted as bold experiments and new interior trends. Therefore, we should not be surprised at the actual directions of the coming 2015, with which we want to acquaint you. Today we are talking about the bedroom.

1. Grandmother's Blanket

One of the decorative trends of this year areEthnic patterns in the style of the Kelim (Central Asian woolless lint-free carpet), Boho (Gypsy), Ikat (the fabric on which the knots are tied and knitted, the rest of the canvas remains the original color, the patterns are obtained-divorce). Textile elements decorated with these patterns are the main chips of the fashionable bedroom of 2015. And if you take a closer look at the newfangled bed sets, you can find out that you saw such blankets or pillows in your grandmother's house.

2. Bold colors

Despite the fact that white color remains the favoriteModern interior of the bedroom, there are no color restrictions in its decoration this year. Bright orange, royal blue, dazzling green, tasty crimson - all these shades are welcome. And not only in bed linen, but also in furniture.

3. Boards

The boards in the interior are perceived in different ways. Someone they resemble country style (or simply rural), and someone sees in them a fashionable ekostilistiku. In any case, if in 2015 you want to give your bedroom an up-to-date fashion look, replace the head of the bed with a decorative mini-fence or cut the wall (ceiling) with wooden boards.

4. Wallpapers

They're coming back! After much experimentation with the finishing materials, the designers finally realized that it's much easier to add the individuality to the room and complement the interior with an wallpaper using wallpaper and stencils.

5. Less is better, but better

Let's face it: Doing decor is hard work. In the life of a man of the XXI century, and so full of stress, except painful attempts to correctly combine the color of the upholstery of the chair with the shades of decorative pillows. A minimalistic approach to the design of the bedroom will save you from unnecessary excitement and make it in a modern and stylish style.

6. The accent door

The door as the main decorative accent. This original approach can be visualized in different ways: a painted door, a barn door, a door on rails - whatever you come up with, your bedroom will necessarily change.

7. Attic Romance

Loft-style interior is now at its peakpopularity, but not everyone will agree that it is appropriate in the bedroom. However, designers are advised to leave their concerns about the lifelessness and coldness of textures traditional for this style (concrete, brick) in the past 2014 - and take a chance! Our opinion: - Although bare concrete or brick walls seem too heavy, they can be easily softened with fluffy carpets, textiles and natural wood. The combination of these materials looks extremely impressive.

8. Pictures

Fashionable bedroom decor 2015 - wall decorationpaintings. It is recommended to choose bright canvases that can play the role of color accents or emphasize the color palette of the room. Our opinion: - With paintings, as with any decor, it is important not to overdo it. One or two large canvases will look much more impressive than a collage of small paintings.

9. Inscriptions

Inscriptions in the interior make it more personalized. In the bedroom, this idea can be realized in the form of a glowing panel, a poster with text, a print on textiles or a wall painting (applique).

10. Marsala

And, of course, do not forget about the main color of 2015 by the version of Pantone - it's marsala. In the bedroom, it will look especially refined. Pinterest