Ideas for small interiors

Interior design of a small apartment: 5 tips

Interior design of a small apartment: the embodiment of the bohemian style to the Bohemian interior has always been imitated, envied and tried to recreate its atmosphere in expensive homes and in apartments of ordinary burghers. With the right approach to the organization of such a style in the house, it amazes the imagination with its luxury and style. It is believed that due to the use of a large number of antiques, it is suitable only for wealthy people, although this is far from the case. Today we will offer our visitors about the interiors recommendations on the budget version of the bohemian style on the example of a small apartment in Paris (its area is only 42 square meters).

1. Wall decoration

It is believed that the white color is not suitable in this.but in a small house, using other colors would mean turning it into a closet. Therefore, an alabaster shade was applied to the walls, and only one wall and a kitchen corner remained unpainted.

2. Need furniture with history

For such an interior, you can choose a differentfurniture, it does not have to be antiques, which has historical value. Enough items from the commission, the flea market, and better from grandma's house. If you really want to feel the spirit of history, you can turn on the fantasy and write a small essay about the adventures of each piece of furniture.

3. Shine is extremely necessary.

Plastic, glass, gilding, lacquer, nickel, silver -ideal materials for registration. You can resort to such tricks of the restorers as cleaning the peeling surface and covering it with silver paint or placing a foil under the glass of the table. Then the room will play with reflections and shades of light.

4. There should be a lot of light sources.

There should be a lot of light sourcesmulti-level and different types. For example, coarse avant-garde items in industrial or medieval styles, volumetric outdoor candlesticks of various shapes are very popular.

5. We must remember

We must remember that Bohemian representatives are not at allwere rich, they carried home everything they could find to create intriguing diversity and crampedness. Therefore, to decorate the apartment in the style of Bohemia are selected various souvenirs: gift, from travel. Empty frames, stuffed animals, costume jewelry, masks are hung. Even children's toys will do. Interior photos courtesy of