The design of the kitchen combined with the living room: the pros and cons

Open lay-outs bring more to the interiorair, make it possible to increase free space. The layout of the kitchen, combined with the living room, is a very practical and popular solution. Moreover, it can be carried out both in spacious houses and cottages, and in small average apartments. Of course, as in any other, in this solution one can find its advantages and disadvantages. Kitchen-studioThe combination of living room and kitchen will allow to expanda dining area, which is especially important for a large family. However, it will allow you to create a universal room, which will combine different in functionality rooms. That is, the kitchen where food is prepared and consumed, and the living room is the place where you can receive guests, relax and have fun.

Pros and cons of the kitchen, combined with the living room

For zoning, you can use a low drywall partition. Both good and bad sides, which combine such design of the kitchen, are obvious. The advantages include:

  • By increasing the number of windows as a source of light, space expands visually.
  • The hostess will not need to be worn with plates andother utensils from one to another, feeling themselves somewhere outside the holiday or celebration. Moreover, this design of the kitchen allows you to involve your household members and friends who came to visit you in the cooking process.
  • Ability to accommodate more than 6 people in the living room area. With a combined living room to hold large meetings and party parties is no longer a problem.
  • Saving on an additional TV for the kitchen. After all, the mistresses like to look at the TV series or the TV program while cooking. And in the case of such a layout it will be possible to purchase one large panel and install it in the living room combined with the kitchen. The interior can be supplemented with a fireplace.
  • You can have dinner, lunch and breakfast fora large common table, which is almost impossible in oversized hruschevkah. Moreover, your children playing in the living room will now be under your care, even when you are engaged in cooking or other work in the kitchen. You can spend more time with your family.
  • Visually divide the kitchen from the living room will help different in the texture and color of the floor. But there are some disadvantages of this kitchen interior:

  • The most important is the presence of odors. It is necessary to recognize that the extract does not cope with all smells, liquidates them only partially. What can we say about products with specific flavors.
  • Sounds coming from the kitchen, too, are unpleasant. They can interfere with sleeping, resting or working.
  • It is necessary to maintainideal purity, because everywhere the fat settles and other side effects from constant cooking. For housewives, you will need to spend much more time cleaning, cleaning and cleaning the combined space, because you do not want unwashed plates or dirty tablecloth to become public.
  • Moisture from the kitchen can spread throughout the apartment.
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    Combined interior design: where to start and what to consider?

    First of all, to plan a designkitchen, you will need a plan or a drawing. You can refer to specialists, but you can carefully approach this issue and do everything yourself. It is also better to make an estimate in advance to see what you need to buy, what to prepare and how much money it will take. Sliding wall panels will help to solvethe problem of kitchen odors and noise. Be sure to solve the issue of redevelopment with the bodies of BTI. According to construction rules and regulations, if your apartment is in a high-rise building, you have a gas stove, then you can not get an official permit to change the design of the kitchen in this way. You may be allowed to combine the kitchen with the living room only if your cooker is electric. In no case can not be demolished load-bearing wall, which separates the living room and kitchen. The only thing you can achieve is to order a project and get permission to make an opening in it. Please note that the kitchen is a wet area. Therefore, it can not be transferred to a residential area. This means that the kitchen area can not be located where the living room was. Back to contents</a>

    Kitchen design (how to make zoning)

    Combining the two workspaces, you do not needdissolve them in each other, and maximally supplement each at the expense of the other. Therefore, when planning space, consider the presence of three main zones. In the first there will be directly a kitchen with all appliances, a kitchen set, a sink and other paraphernalia. The second will become a recreation area, where a table with a TV set, a sofa or soft armchairs should fit. And the third zone will be lunch. There should be at least a table with chairs. The most common interior design that separates the kitchen from the living room is the use of a bar counter. The option of arranging furniture in the living room,combined with the kitchen. It can be made stationary, as part of the wall that separated these two rooms, or a new false wall. The stand is usually finished with a facing stone or wooden panels. If you have a sufficiently high ceiling, you can make a different-level floor. To do this, it is raised by 10 or 15 cm. The podium also can hide under itself some kind of communications or pipes. And if in the house there live elderly people or small children, then it is better to make a ceiling design, instead of a floor. The ceiling is made two-level, and for contrast in the kitchen and in the living room take a different floor covering. There are many visual effects of separation: the use of arches, columns, light barriers and translucent screens. They can fold or move apart, put only when necessary. An important element here will be lighting. In the kitchen, it can be bright, and in the living room - more cozy and muffled. In case of complete demolition of the wall, racks, through shelves are installed. They can be used for anything. Original space and a beautiful dining table, and a comfortable sofa. The main thing is that the latter should have a high back, which is better to be beautifully draped. A multi-purpose kitchen island can also divide the border. Because it is used on both sides. A different color in the finish of the ceiling and walls, plus the texture and materials that are taken for this, is also a good way of zoning. The design of the kitchen and the living room has a lot of interesting variations, so everyone can find a solution to their liking.