Zoning the living room with furniture, partitions and walls


The hall is a room in which people rest,receive guests, watch TV, celebrate holidays, etc. But often it happens that the living room is used as a bedroom, kitchen, study, dining room. In this case, there is a universal solution to make the interior interesting and unusual - zoning of the living room. Zoning the living roomDivide the living room into two different zoneshelp: arches, podiums, false partitions, furniture, flooring and so on. The space in the room is delimited by furniture, partitions, exterior walls, curtains and curtains. When dividing a living room into zones, several important factors need to be considered: Divide the kitchen from the living room in different ways, for example, using a beautiful bar counter.

  • Comfort. so that it was convenient for the residents of the house and guests to move around.
  • Functionality. All sections of the room must correspond to its purpose.
  • Follow your taste. Do not need to chase the fashion trends in the interior, if they do not like you, do what you like.
  • Rationally use space. Do not make the room furniture so that there is no space left.
  • Before changing the interior of the living room,embody your ideas on paper or in a special computer program. Outline a few options, then select the best one. If there are no clear ideas, then below are several options for the division of the hall.

    Living room and bedroom

    Zoning of the room begins with the choice of a place forsleep. At the entrance to the premise should first go to the rest area, and then - the bed. From the furniture in the bedroom you need a bed or a sofa, a small bedside table and a wardrobe. For walls suitable wallpaper or paint warm soothing colors: green, peach, yellow, pale pink, etc. Even if you like purple, do not use it too much in the interior. This is depressing. In the living room you will need a TV, a sofa, an armchair or an ottoman, a coffee table, a chest of drawers, shelves or a bookcase. For walls, you can use brighter colors. Photo walls will look good, but they should not be blocked by furniture. The living room and bedroom can be divided bypodium, which raises the bed to a small elevation, thereby separating one zone from the other. Visual zoning of the room is done with a different finish of the floor. The easiest way to select a bedroom is to lay a carpet. More difficult - combine carpet and linoleum, put the bed on a pedestal, which can be made of wood (logs and plywood). A wardrobe is a good fit for the room separator. The front side is turned into the bedroom, and the rear wall into the living room. Plus in this arrangement is that beyond the large closet you can not see the bed. The downside is that the back wall is often made of plywood, it will look ugly from the side. Therefore, a bookcase or a small shelf is better for sharing. If you put the bed on a pedestal, then zaveset its transparent curtains. Do not need to use tight impervious - no one will see how you beautifully and wonderfully beat the sleeping area. To divide the room you can put a partition of brick, gypsum board, wood, foam concrete, etc. A wide partition is used as a stand for flower pots, souvenirs and other interesting things. The disadvantage is that it can not be moved unlike furniture. Sometimes designers offer iron forged partitions. It is very modern and original. Back to contents</a> Zoning the dining room and work area Usually peopleeat in the kitchen. Rarely in what houses or apartments there is a special room for eating - a dining room. In the Khrushchevkas very small kitchens, so it can not be at the same time to dine or have dinner several people. In such apartments people gather for a family dinner in the living room. So, in the hall you need to put a dining table and chairs. To distinguish the dining area is better near the entrance, but aside, it will be more convenient to bring food and take dirty dishes. Zoning is done using the walls. Glue wallpaper with a picture of food, cutlery, fruits and vegetables, teapots - this drawing causes an appetite. On the floor it is better to lay linoleum, since it is more difficult to wash off dirt from the carpet, and the laminate can rise from the water. As a separator for the kitchen and living room, you canuse a decorative partition. In some cases, in the interior of the living room you need to enter the working area. It is necessary for students, schoolchildren and people who work at home. It can be a desk, a computer or a laptop, a chair, a bookcase or shelves, a chair. For someone, there is enough desk, chair and laptop, and another needs a large desk and a bookcase for textbooks. Place for work needs to be done near the window, so that there is a lot of light. Lack of illumination threatens to reduce visual acuity. It can be fenced off with a cabinet, a bookcase or a partition of plasterboard, brick or plastic. The color of the wallpaper or wall paint should be warm. Beige, light brown, peach. Olive, white, and gray contribute to the working mood. No - black, pink, red, blue, dark blue, purple, as they do not allow to concentrate on work. Back to contents</a> Allocation of the kitchen Zoning of the kitchen area is muchmore important than others. It requires washing, a stove, an extractor, a table for cooking food. This is very important in studio apartments. On the walls in the kitchen along the headset most often spread an apron of ceramic tiles. You can put it on the floor, and in the living room can lie linoleum or laminate. As a rule, in the kitchen they apply washable wallpaper. Separation of the room is done with furniture - a closet, a sofa, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a bar counter. Bar rack is becoming more popular in the interior. The next option - the installation of a partition of plasterboard, stone, plastic, wood. It can be installed at half the height of the wall or up to the ceiling. Very often, curtains or curtains are used to highlight the kitchen. It's cheap and fast.