The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Degree meters in Hanoi style: 5-room 83-meter apartment

Do you want your home to be bright and cheerful? What could be easier! We look at this apartment in Hanoi and draw ideas! This apartment is in Vietnam, a country with a culture that is not very close to us and a way of life. However, many of the ideas embodied in it can be successfully used in Russia.

White color

Why not? In a country with long autumn and winter, when a light day is short, the white color of the walls will add light. And if the apartment is small, it will also optically increase it.

Light floor

Like white walls, light coatings visually increase space. At the same time, floors made of natural wood are tactile much more pleasant than from porcelain stoneware. In addition, they are warm and alive.

Maximally efficient use of space

Even if the height of ceilings in your apartment is not 3 mOr not 4 m, and standard 2.5, using it at full capacity (look at the height of the cabinets) allows you to add a little useful storage space for things. As, for example, in this bedroom. The same applies to the kitchen (because the height of allRooms in the apartment is the same). Why should the place disappear in vain? The kitchen turned out though small, but roomy. Here it is combined with the living room area.

Bright accents

They chose as bright details in the apartmentcolored tiles and bright lamps. Tiles are present in all areas of the house: in the living room, in the bedroom, and on the veranda, and the lamps only enhance the effect of it, adding a rich yellow color. The editors advise - Pay attention to how effectively the tiles are used. She lined not only the walls, but also tiled the plasterboard structure in the living room. Due to the fact that all the tiles seem to be collected from different collections, the tile wall looks very impressive. Another interesting point: only the upper part of the wall is tiled, and the lower one is assembled from painted wood. In relation to our realities, a combination of tiles with a high border of painted lining will look unusual and very decorative.

Association of premises

Architects removed the partitions separatingBedroom from the kitchen, thus expanding the space of the living room and veranda. But the number of bedrooms from this did not decrease. They are still three, they just became a little less. In small apartments such open and bright spaces are simply indispensable.

Plan of the apartment before and after redevelopment