The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Design of a three-room apartment: a family interior near the Black Sea


Seascapes, branches around the mirror in the bathroom,violet sofa and pink, airy, like a marshmallow, childish. This apartment has a lot of light, air and space for dreams - an ideal place for living near the sea

It is no coincidence that this project looks so bright,light, as if coming from a dream. The Black Sea is splashing outside the windows of this Sochi apartment, but can you imagine a greater dream than life by the sea? Elina Musina, Interior Designer Graduated with honors from the International School of Design with a degree in interior design for residential and public premises. In the profession since 2011. For some time she worked in a design studio, since 2015 she has been practicing as a private interior designer. Not afraid to experiment with color. He believes that a competent layout is an integral part of any interior. Creative credo: “Interior is not just a place to live! This is a story in which the inhabitants are the main characters! "

- The redevelopment for this project was not required. All the walls, according to the plan from the builder, were left in the same place.

Customers wished a cozy and unusual interior,suitable for a young family. Of course, when designing the interior for me as a designer, the customer's desires are very important - therefore yes, all the tasks have been accomplished.

Among the wishes was the theme of nature in the bathroom. As a result, the solution for the floor and walls was Italian granite "under the tree", which set the mood for the whole interior of the space.

The walls were refreshed due to the color: tiles on the remaining three walls are selected in natural shades - pistachio, beige and brown palette. And also with the help of decor - a mirror we decorated with a wreath of twigs.

Initially, this project was selectedNeutral gamma with color accents. In my opinion, lighting should be selected for specific colors, so as not to distort them. The project is under implementation - therefore, I can tell about the choice of light only after all stages have been completed and the photos of the finished interior have been published.

According to the author's sketches, we planned to make a zone opposite the bed in the master bedroom and a washstand stand. Also, the kitchen and children will be made to order.

The sofa in the living room is Klaus, Sondy.

Cabinet furniture in the bedroom - MR. Doors, bed Bolzan Letti.

In the bathroom plumbing Rocca.

The advantage among the finishing materials is given to Little green - these are English paints of insanely beautiful shades. I really like their velvety texture and a noble, varied palette of colors.

As a floor covering for a beautiful texture and color, the parquet board Coswick is chosen.

Doors - Dariano, they were chosen on the territorialfeature. The object is located in Sochi, so the choice of finishing materials, doors, furniture and light has features - tried to choose from what is available.

For me, the main value of this apartment is the sea landscape outside the window. This is an indescribable delight. A more pacifying picture than the sun, touching the sea surface at sunset, is difficult to come up with.