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Eclecticism in the interior: the basic principles and advice of the designer -

If you experience difficulties in choosing a topic forCommunicate with an intellectually savvy interlocutor, talk to him about eclecticism. And we'll tell you what it is and what it eats. Our familiar designer from Moscow Christina Brook introduces readers with the eclectic style in interior design. Christina Brook, Interior Designer: - The eclectic style in interior design has changed all the rules, mixed old and new, East and West, luxury and poverty, more mountainous and more dolnee. This style allows organically combine pieces of furniture and interiors of different eras. Freedom of action and thinking is the main secret of eclecticism, but here one must be very careful not to break the thin line between contrast and chaos. Is it possible with the help of absolutely diverseTo create a harmonious design? Here's what Christina Brook thinks about this: Of course, but this is accompanied by a lot of effort, thought and creativity. It is then that eclecticism acquires not only a unique form, but also becomes logically justified. Christina Brook There are several aspects that turn eclecticism into a work of art: furniture, color, fabrics, decoration.

  • Furniture is allowed as classical forms, and absolutely non-standard;
  • Different colors can be used. But it's better to choose a few neutral shades to tie all the elements together;
  • As for fabrics, this is a very important component in creating an "eclectic species". Various prints are used in upholstery, wallpaper, carpets;
  • A combination of decorative materials and textures.

The philosophy of eclecticism is simple: combining elements or specific styles of different periods within a single project. And the highest goal of eclecticism is to create a space of unique content. Christina Brook Size does not matter Do not forget that the sizehas the meaning. Place large objects in the background, and take out the details to the front. Thus, by creating interior "layers", you can increase the depth of space. "We are so different, but still we are together" PlayWith flowers, experiment with contrasts. It will be more interesting to look at a combination of styles of absolutely different eras. For example, a classic white wooden table is perfect for a hi-tech mirror. Good little by little Do not overdo it withThe number of styles that you will use to create your "own" eclecticism. Two or three styles will be enough, and your apartment will not be like a furniture store. With flowers, just like with fire, it's dangerous to play. The combination of four colors is perfect. The main color is walls, floor, ceiling; Then secondary - tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas; And two or three bright colors for interior details (pillows, bulbs, lamps). Many - not a few Decorate the walls with a largeA variety of paintings, your own works, if you are an artist. Combine the details of the plot component, if possible, and if not, then use the frame (passepartout) of the same style. The more details, the more comprehensive the picture. Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid of the difference in styles, colors and shapes. One of the basic rules of eclecticism is to combine the incompatible! Following our simple rules and advice fromChristina Brook, you can create an eclectic that will please you. Try, create, impress your friends and acquaintances, and will help you in this.