Two-level suspended ceilings: installation, technology


With the advent of suspended and stretch ceilings, allmore people began to rely on them when organizing repairs in their apartment. This is not strange, because today this process is adjusted to automatism. Two-level stretch ceilings stand apart among such structures. They are more difficult to install, but their beauty and quality also make people make a choice in their direction. Many employ outside organizations. In fact, this option exists, but it is not optimal. Much easier. This is what will be discussed below. The scheme of fastening of a stretched ceiling with a corniceThe scheme of fastening of a stretched ceiling with a cornice. Today there are several options for installing two-level stretch ceilings. The most common are harpoon, wedge and clip-on technology. It is worth considering each option in more detail.

Harpoon fastening technology: installation

Scheme of installation of a two-level ceiling. This technology is best suited for fixing PVC films. They are attached in an aluminum baguette. They withstand tension up to 20 kg of running meter. For work on the mandatory perimeter of the ceiling you need to perform a rigid vinyl edging. This is done exclusively in production conditions. Installation of two-level ceilings of this type requires the purchase of an additional edging. It will allow the canvas not to stretch in the course of work and further exploitation. To begin with, you need to install one edge of the film in the profile. Then it undergoes heating, which makes the film more pliable for later installation. After that, you can set it to another angle. Then follows the repetition of this process around the perimeter of the room. The scheme of the device two-level stretch ceiling. It is worth remembering that all work is done only with heated film. Otherwise, after the final tension can get an unpleasant sagging picture, which is why heating is mandatory. The film after cooling completely covers the ceiling, making it look as attractive as possible. Do not forget that for any type of installation of a two-level ceiling, you must first make all the necessary measurements. Particular attention during the installation should be paid to the horizontal alignment. It must be done exclusively with the help of a laser level. Do not ignore those comments, which are written on the packaging manufacturers themselves two-level stretch ceilings. Back to contents</a>

Wedge mounting technology

To work in this case, you will needan aluminum profile having an U-shaped cross section. The wooden bead, which here is one of the main elements, begins to play the role of a wedge. Due to the use of friction and profile, it becomes an excellent fastening element for a two-level stretch ceiling. Sequence of works on installation of tensionceilings. This method has one very important advantage, which is to reduce the cost of the ceiling. However, the reliability of fastening is sharply reduced if we draw a parallel with the first method described earlier. This method is mainly used only by experienced specialists in the decoration, since it involves the use of a kind of technology. Of course, you can do everything yourself, but you need to be a great expert in finishing works. The clip-system of fastening of a tension ceiling takes place on existence. It is mainly used when it comes to installing a fabric stretch ceiling. Such fasteners are made of plastic. At the same time it is fixed with the help of self-tapping screws, which are installed in the wall on the dowels. This method is quite suitable for independent use, while it takes a minimum of time and power costs in humans. A perfect solution if a person has purchased fabric ceilings. There are matt and glossy stretch ceilings two-level. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. This applies both to the attachment and the overall organization of the process. Back to contents</a>

Parameters of use of various types of stretch ceilings

Schematic structure for mounting the chandelier. The main advantage of this type of ceiling is the fact that they perfectly reflect light. In the room where they are installed, it will always be light and cozy. This leads to the formation of additional optical effects, which perfectly influence the internal appearance of the apartment. Fire safety in this case, too, at altitude. They do not burn. This advantage allows using this option not only in private apartments, but also in the decoration of shops and retail areas. Installation of such two-level ceilings is extremely simple. This need to be taken into account when it comes to self-installation. The most important thing is that you do not have to spend extra money on inviting experts in the finishing business. Due to the fact that this type of stretch ceilings is made of PVC, there is one more important advantage. They are practically not affected by various fungi and mold. Humidity practically does not affect their structure in any way. Even if neighbors accidentally flood the apartment, the ceilings will remain intact and safe, and this is an important factor if we talk about multi-storey buildings. Matt stretch ceilings are also quite widespread in the modern market. They differ in that they are universal. They can be installed in almost any room, as they will not spoil any interior. If a person decided not to think long and choose a glossy option, it is better to immediately buy two-level matt tension ceilings, which will be as close to the chosen interior as possible. It is worth noting and low cost of ceilings. This is an important factor for the average citizen of our country. They do not create any highlights. In some situations, this really becomes an advantage. The ecological character of such ceilings is also striking. It is worth remembering that they are hypoallergenic. They have no effect on the human body, so they can be mounted even in those rooms where young children are constantly. Fungus and mold and this option is not terrible. Matte ceilings - an excellent option, but it is a little more difficult to install, and the neighbors from above can make a flood, which leads to damage to property. Often you have to do repairs, since such a ceiling can not be repaired. Back to contents</a>

Conclusion and summing up

So, now every reader knows exactly,how to install two-level tension ceilings. You can easily do all the work with your own hands. Specialists may be required only when solving some complex issues. Three types of fastening of similar structures were considered above. Which one to choose is for the respected reader. Everything depends directly on the person's personal preferences, as well as on his financial capabilities. Each installation option is considered good in its own way. The technique in all cases is different, it can depend on the specific design of the room itself, in which the installation is planned.