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Elegant living room interior: design rules and basic elements


Unlike other rooms, the design of the living room is nottolerates negligence. And regardless of the style chosen, this room should look elegant. We've prepared a few tips to help make your living room a jewel in the interior. When decorating a bedroom or kitchen, you can completely rely on your own taste and decorative preferences. However, when it comes to living room design, things are a little different. This room should be liked not only by you, but also by the guests of the house. After all, the very word "living room" unambiguously defines the purpose of the room. Of course, it will not be possible to please everyone, because, as you know, there are no comrades in taste and color. But in order to make the living room as comfortable, cozy and beautiful as possible, we recommend choosing elegance as a decorative leitmotif. Here are some design tips that are sure to help make any living room more elegant, no matter the size or style of the room.

1. Long single-color curtains

Elegance lies in simplicity.So forget about the floral blinds and curtains. Long plain curtains, made in deep saturated (burgundy, dark blue) or light (cream, beige) tones, will make the decoration of the room seem richer and more sophisticated. Those who plan to use curtains as a bright accent can choose more juicy, noble shades: purple, emerald. Our opinion: - In order to use curtains to make the interior more elegant and at the same time to emphasize the main color accents, you can use a combination of fabrics of different colors (but not more than two).

2. Glass coffee tables

Furniture in the living room should be simple, elegantAnd not too cumbersome. Therefore, it is better to exclude from the situation traditional wooden tables and tables. A great alternative would be coffee tables with glass countertops. They look easy and elegant. Given the wide range of such items, you can probably find a table of the necessary shape and size.

3. Cream shades

Precious cream shades - the perfect choiceFor an elegant living room. They make the room light, warm and cozy at the same time. Cream color is perfect for decorating small rooms: it makes the room seem spacious, but unlike white it does not create a "hospital" effect.

4. Chandelier

The most effective way to add eleganceInterior of the living room - hang a large chandelier. Of course, its size should correspond to the height of ceilings. When buying a chandelier, make sure that when turned off, it looks no less attractive. Otherwise during the day your living room will not look so spectacular.

5. Bouquets of flowers

Fresh flowers decorate and refresh the interior.However, if you want your living room to look elegant, don't clutter it up with potted plants. It is better to use bouquets in vases as a living decor. Take a closer look at the interior of your living room. You may find that a bunch of roses, orchids, or regular violets is just that elegant touch that your mantelpiece or coffee table is missing. Our opinion: - The fragility of such jewelry can be considered a plus. After all, by changing flowers, you can change the mood and aroma of the room.