Fashionable colors and textures of 2017: fabrics, furniture, decor


It is always curious to know how today's trendsintersect with the trends of the past. And terribly I want to lift the veil of the future and at least glance at what is waiting for us tomorrow. In this article you will find an unusual version of the past, present and future, told by the interior designer. Curious? We love to go to exhibitions and share with you the most, in our opinion, interesting finds. But still it is much more interesting to look at new developments through the eyes of a professional designer. Today we publish an expanded view of several exhibitions of interior designer Svetlana Ilyina.

- Art and design are two inextricably linkedconcepts. The iconic interior design exhibition in Paris Maison & Objet, the bright event of the world textile fashion Paris Deco Off and the Brussels art fair Brussels Art Fair (BRAFA) were held at the end of January, declaring the design trends for 2017.

The exhibition spaces of Paris and Brussels are elusively intersected by meanings and tendencies, the analysis of which is devoted to my brief review.

I started to get acquainted with the novelties of the brands by visiting the Deco festival, continued in the pavilions of Maison & Objet and finally visited the BRAFA art fair, so to speak, "for a snack."

The wonderful aftertaste of impressions from works of art, antiques and novelties of interior design inspired me so much that I wanted to share it.

So, what trends will be relevant in the new season?

First, art in the personal space - this is a global and steady trend. Art becomes an indispensable element of decor.

But the presence of works of art inmodern interior is not limited to the use of paintings, sculptures and art objects. The space of interior design is permeated with the influence of creativity of the great artists of the past and modern masters. Items of furniture in the category "art object" could be observed both at Maison & Objet, and at the antiques fair. When analyzing photos, it was sometimes possible to get confused - at which of the exhibitions it was made.

The influence of fine arts on textileThe collections presented at the Paris Deco Off were visually demonstrated by many brands whose creators were clearly inspired by beautiful works of painting, architecture and design.

The company Lizzo introduced a new collectionGoya exquisite fabrics, paying tribute to the great Spanish artist - a representative of European Romanticism.The spirit of Goya painting is present in the design of interior fabrics through iconic prints, ornaments and rich textures. Weaving together the fantastic and the real, classical and theatrical, this collection is both stylish and refined.

In it, the wonderful poetry of Goya's style is strong -the colorfulness of the colouristic finds, the festive sonority and subtlety of the shades, the emotionality and sensuality inherent in the great painter, the magic of the brush of the brilliant artist is felt.

On the creativity of Goya relied in their quest for Symbolists, Expressionists and Surrealists. Fabrics Pierre Frey Fabrics Pierre Frey

Artists on fabrics are inspired not only by classical subjects, but also by abstract painting. Look at how the images intersect. Jean MIOTTE 1994, Composition Fabrics Pierre Frey

But a beautiful illustration of the influence on the interior design of op-art.

The exhibition area BRAFA was decoratedfascinating compositions of the founder of kinetic art and op-art, the legendary Julio Le Parc (Julio Le Parc). These magical, holy and moving installations were located in the key places of the exhibition.

At the main entrance was installed a large-scale installation "Continuous Mobile" in 1963.

Mirror-polished stainless steel plates, swaying from the movement of air, reflect the glare of the light and sparkle create an endless game of bright flashes and fanciful shadows.

Technological fabric from the collection Architectonique has the same dazzling effect due to its mirror coating and geometric "broken" texture.

In the patio of the main avenues of the exhibition complex wereJulio Le Park's other works are installed: two "Spheres" - red and blue, balls of two-meter diameter are made of transparent colored plates that also tremble, creating ever-changing reflections, as if the glare of the sun is played on the water. The

How here not to draw an analogy with the tables Shimmertavoli from Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia, presented at Maison & Objet. These glass tables project spherical multicolored reflections, although they themselves seem transparent.

The apotheosis of this trend is the shocking collection of Le Carnaval des morts from Jan Fabre, presented at BRAFA, it sparkles and sparkles with rhinestones, paillettes and crystals of all colors of the rainbow. Fabrics with sequins and paillettes from JAB Fabric with lurex from Missoni Home

Metallic shine and optical illusion - an impressive design of the fabric from Mila Schon, a pattern simulating a crumpled fabric, beaten by lurex. Of course, green color is the basis of the collection.

The king of beasts from Christian Lacroix is ​​crowned with peacock feathers and regal attributes demonstrating the magnificence of precious stones.

Here there is an influence of all fashion trends - exotic themes, jungle, lurex, beads, rhinestones, white background.

Christian Fischbacher in his new collectionconnected all the fashion trends of this season - white color, the theme of the jungle, sparkles and sequins. Yes, the theme of the jungle continues to be relevant this season. It turns out that the jungle can also be white and sparkling.

Jungle and tropical thickets with exotic animals are still in the trend.

On the Deco Off the jungle was especially crowded. In the drawings of the wallpaper Pierre Frey is based on a picture of the jungle, taken from the helicopter. The

And of course, the BRAFA without the jungle, too, could not do it. Tusek Mitja, The Tourist in You Silk fabric from Hermes

Not only the jungle was inherited fromlast season. At Maison & Objet, the green color was rampant on all the stands in various variations - in the upholstery of sofas, the finishing of cabinet furniture, or in the form of palm leaves, or monsters in pots, but the green accent was necessarily present at each stand. Green accents on the stands of Maison & Objet Paris Green accents on the stands of Maison & Objet Paris

Collective unconscious carried onthe surface is a stormy green of all shades - from the infantile-tender mint to the mystical blue-green. Even Vitra birds became green. In the center of the stand of this conceptual brand is a corner of the jungle with live plants and a flock of L'Oiseau by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Many stands marked their borders with "green fences".

For example, Missoni Nome. The space of this famous brand, which presented a lot of amazing novelties with recognizable bright and juicy characteristic design, fenced off as if by a wall of high forest in sunset beams - partitions decorated with a light fabric with a gradient from blue-green to white. The framework of the partitions resembles a silhouette of a tree.

Not only did the green color "rule the ball."

Many brands introduced new collections of white fabrics, and this color - white - is claimed as a fashion trend of the season in interior textiles and clothing.

You can see the smallest bricks of Lurex, creating a gentle flicker.

Delicate white veils from Sahco.

White textured tulle from Jab.

Poof from Missoni Home in white fabric with strips of lurex, as it is unusual for a brand associated with the brightest colors!

The pavilion of Jose Manuel Leite de Castro is decorated in white tones. White glass chests for Glas Italia

Wallpaper that can be colored, also refers to the "white" trend. Pierre Frey wallpapers

An example of the "white" trend was the brand standGervasoni, whitewashed broad swabs loft space which was decorated with light airy white fabrics. The floors are decorated with white paint, as if not dried, and a little trampled.

Jan Fabre (Jan Fabre) to create his works used the wings of a metal bark beetle.

This sublimation is another topical trend of the season, metal shine is present in everything - fabrics, lamps, decoration materials, decoration of furniture.

Wallpaper Zoffany with a metallized effect under the bronze. Metal rivets will be very popular this season.

Real metallic decorative coverings. De Castelli Collection reveals the complexity of the forms, beauty, emotionality of this material.

As if in contrast to the ringing of metallic shine, a "soft and fluffy" trend - fur, velvet, plush and flock - was very well expressed.

New collections of upholstered furniture on Maison & Objet all high brands presented in velvet upholstery. Collections of velvet on Deco off impressed with their diversity.

But fluffy textures dominate now not only in the upholstery of furniture - finishing of cabinet furniture, accessories for decorating the interior, artificial plants have also become plush. The

Popular curtains "braid" in plush performance.

Flok can be not only soft and fluffy, but also angular, brittle, sharp, sparkling.