We learned what fabrics and decor will be the most fashionable this year

Today we will tell you which fabrics and whatHome decor will be particularly relevant in 2015. Our report - about the exhibition Heimtextil, which is the trendsetter in the field of textiles and home decor

International Specialized ExhibitionHome textiles Heimtextil 2015 this year was held in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 17 January. Traditionally, all the world's leading manufacturers brought their novelties here, and a team of authoritative designers Heimtextil identified the main trends that will become the "thread of Ariadne" for the largest manufacturers of home textiles and designers engaged in the design of residential and public spaces. This year, the common theme that determined the main trends was Experience (experience, knowledge)

In total, experts identified four keyDirections, united by the passionate desire of designers to make their life luxurious, but at the same time maximally functional: Sensory, Mixology, Discovery and Memory. Let's see how it all looks in practice. So ... 1. Sensory (sensuality) p.

Each of us perceives the world throughFeelings, it is thanks to them that our world is full of colors, fragrances, sounds and all sorts of sensations. Therefore, every time, creating something new, designers are trying to influence our senses. Correctly chosen colors and smells, pleasant to the touch of things, gentle sounds - all this contributes to the creation of a home cosiness. The use of innovative technologies allows designers to push the boundaries of the possible, and tissues that can adapt to the environment appear, for example, respond to changes in the intensity of light or heat. Such sensitive materials give birth to a huge variety of tactile sensations, awaken the most pleasant feelings. So, the company Eijffinger presented wallpaper with a modern geometric ornament made of material reflecting light. And the company Création Baumann fabricated a complex fabric, inside which is woven the thinnest wires and built in the smallest LEDs, which in the switched-on state resemble a flickering starry sky.

As for the primary colors of the trendy trend, it's azure and white. They bear peace and tranquility, joy and virgin purity.

To achieve sensual contrast, designersOffer to combine fabrics with smooth surfaces and the effect of varnish coating with surfaces similar to paper with the effect of oil treatment. In the new collection of the Italian company Decobel an important place was occupied by three-dimensional velvet fabrics, to which I would like to touch. 2. Mixology (intercultural exchange) p.

All power is in diversity, say designers andBoldly mix different cultural heritage. African tribal drawings - with screaming 3D prints, retro - with futurism, digital technologies - with organic, geometric ornaments - with images of flowers, smooth prints - with textured fabrics, and many more bright colors. All this, connecting, forms unexpected, fantastic combinations. A vivid example can be considered bedspreads and bed linens by Kas Australia, decorated with colorful ethnic patterns. Japanese producer Tecido presented wallpaper on which ethnic ornaments organically combined with modern, and traditional materials - with innovative.

The dominant role is stillEnvironmental theme. Much attention is paid to both the organization of environmentally friendly production and the processing of waste. There is a new application for recycled materials. And in this especially succeeded the company Christian Fischbacher, presented at the exhibition the fabrics from the Benu collection, made from recycled polyethylene bottles! 3. Discovery (opening) r.

Always need to think about the future - argueDesigners and immersed in the study of our planet, look to distant space to find answers to the burning questions: how can we use the resources of our planet in the future, how does the virtual world affect the world of materials and aesthetics?

At the heart of the trend is a dark palette of infinite space, absorbing light, but at the same time bearing the radiance of stars: black, silver and purple.

Drawings and invoices are borrowed from moon stones andMeteorites, fascinating with their power, unusual appearance and tactile properties. Light plays a special role here: it dazzles and illuminates, creates pictures and gives rise to optical illusions.

Here and artificial upholstery materialsHornschuch with virtual seams that look like real, and light from metallic surfaces. The French company Elitis proposed wall coverings made of fibers laid on a non-woven base and changing their appearance depending on the sharpness of the lighting. This gives the coating a gloss with a metallic tinge. It seems to you that you see a sheet of metal, monophonic, but at the same time intricate. Especially affects the coating with imitation of corrugated metal, covered, for example, by engraving or chasing a golden, bronze, tin, carmine or copper hue. 4. Memory (memory) r.

Designers make us think,Rethink values, live a more clean and right life. The key to harmony is a departure from the ideology of consumption and a return to what is really valuable. Hence the familiar images from childhood and simple drawings, natural shades (the color of sea water, sage leaves, delicate rose petals) and materials (wool, flax, denim) that can help return to the origins. The things around us and the materials around us should be comfortable and simple. Designers skillfully combine handicraft art with innovative technologies. And in this unity new values ​​are born.

Following this trend, Rasch introducedWallpaper, decorated with intricate colors and patterns, imitating hand painting. In the collection Christian Fischbacher - bed linens with delicate floral motifs inspired by idyllic pictures of old masters. Www.heimtextil.messefrankfurt.com, www.eijffinger.com, www.creationbaumann.com, www.clarke-clarke.co.uk, www.kobe.eu, www.fischbacher.com, www.decobel.it, www. Elitis.fr,