The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Fashionable interior of a small apartment: living-dining room in a modern style


You can not live happily with a tiny bedroom and a small living room? By no means. This apartment proves that even in a small area you can realize all your dreams

This project by Bogdan Ciocodeica and Diana RosuGot the name Apartment No. 3. This apartment is a vivid example of how the use of risky, in the opinion of most, receptions can only affect positively on the interior of even very small spaces.

Concrete ceilings seem to many to be cold andInfinitely far from the notion of coziness. Saturated blue walls, with which we have been singing laudatory songs for more than a year, most are afraid of being too dark, oppressive and skimming space. Glass doors to the bedroom - in general an impossible nightmare.

But! Look at the result and recognize how we did it, that in the able hands even the most dubious techniques work exclusively for the result. Why did it all work out here? The fact is that all the details of this interior are aimed at maintaining each other. Light wood softens the concrete ceiling, black interior details support the frames of glass doors and partitions, and the saturated walls work as an ideal contrasting background for everything at once.