Organization of space

Interior features of a teen's room


How to find a common language and understanding with a childadolescence? Become his buddy and help with the decoration of the room! The main thing is to know a few simple rules. Which ones? We will tell you now Perhaps it is becoming even more difficult to understand a modern teenager than a woman's logic. And in no case should one try to change the perception of the emerging personality, at least that's what professional psychologists say. But what to do and how to understand your child? They will probably be able to help you find a common language. And to make it easier for you to navigate this issue, we will show you a few simple rules.

1. The opinion of a teenager - in the first place

Having given the room to be torn apart by a teenager,prepare for the fact that this part of the house will be lost to you for a period. From now on, do not even try to find out the appearance of the room, and even more so to impose your tastes when arranging this den. Trust your child's preferences, whether it's posters, neon curtains, or a statue of a stormtrooper from Star Wars. After all, it is not for you, but for him to live in the room, so let it become for him a personal space where you can calmly express yourself. Our opinion: - Undoubtedly, you will want to participate in interior decoration, but the best option is to offer your help unobtrusively. Believe me, such a step will not irritate the rebellious nature, and when a teenager really needs help, he will ask for it.

2. Comfortable sleeper - the key to success

Choose a bed that is commensurate with the areapremises. If there are many places, do not hesitate to put a double bed, but if the meters are limited, you can get by and single. In any case, it should be comfortable not only for sleep, but also for the teenager to read the book, leaning on the headboard. For high school students, a folding sofa will do. So, in the daytime it will be possible to sit with friends, and at night to have a good night's sleep.

3. Convenient work area, or how to correctly arrange for study

It is probably easier to train chimpanzees to sing thanget the teenager to do his homework. But teaching is light, which means you have to try. To do this, at a minimum, you need to purchase a comfortable chair and an ergonomic desk, where there will be space not only for the monitor and keyboard, but also for laboratory work. Our opinion: - First, hang bookshelves in a prominent place so that they always come into view. And secondly, buy light curtains so that there is an influx of natural light and the view from the window is visible. After all, contemplation of trees and other vegetation has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, as well as on vision.

4. Minimalism and the secret of its popularity

Most adolescents, both girls andand the guys really like it, and it's not without reason. In an uncluttered room, they subconsciously feel free, and the lack of control for them is almost the main thing in the current period of life. So take this fact into service and unobtrusively suggest this particular style for decorating the room - perhaps your child will like this idea.

5. Transformers: the era of growing up

Unfortunately for teens it will not be aboutAutobots, but about multi-functional furniture. It is designed to save a lot of space and create additional useful space. Therefore, take a closer look at the transforming beds with secret divisions, to folding tables, outgoing shelves and other interesting furniture innovations.

6. Competent lighting will improve life

It is known that with the advent of new devices andgadgets, the load on the eyes of the younger generation is only increasing. And if you add bad lighting to this, then everything can end with a sad diagnosis by the ophthalmologist. Therefore, create a diffuse in the room, the power of which should be adjustable. And be sure to equip your workplace with additional lighting!

7. Place for a hobby

Depending on the interests of the adolescent,arrange a place for these hobbies. For example, if this is reading - equip a well-lit soft corner, if playing a musical instrument - get a music stand, if the sport - make a Swedish wall, and even if it's a computer game, do not install a chair with spikes - the child will still play , no matter what.

8. Right to privacy

Own room for a teenager is hismicrocosm, where he feels comfortable and relaxed, where he safely keeps his secrets and can relax. Therefore do not resist, if the child asks to install a solid door - go to meet him and be in honor.

9. Simplicity of finishing

Do not bother and do not bother with repairs inroom teenager, because if you are not a psychic, you will never guess what can wander into his head in a minute. Therefore, limit yourself to a single-colored light wall or wallpaper for painting, because soon they can appear graffiti or the whole wall will be covered with posters.

10. Good sound insulation

Playing guitar, big speakers or strangeinhuman cries during computer games - are you sure you want to listen to all this with a couple of neighbors? It will be better for everyone if you make a high-quality soundproofing in the room, which will protect your nerves from unnecessary excitement.