The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Female look at Scandinavian style: kopeck in Sweden

64 square meters of femininity and refinement. One-bedroom apartment for a sophisticated girl in the most chic area of ​​Stockholm - Ostermalma The Östermalm district is the epicenter of luxury in Stockholm. It seems that it all consists of breathtaking suites, expensive boutiques, green boulevards and chic mansions. Museums and galleries, banks and embassies, antique shops and jewelry stores ... And now imagine a young lady living here in a two-room apartment on the second floor of a house built in 1896. Needless to say, we will never know her surname, and that this name is probably too well known in Sweden to call her.

Living room

In the larger room of the two logically placedliving room. From the first glance it becomes clear that the owner of this apartment is quite hospitable: a spacious sofa, a comfortable chair with a stool for feet, a comfortable pouf and another chair by the fireplace. A total of seven or eight people can sit in this living room without any embarrassment. But for maximum convenience in the living room there are several pillows and blankets - all conditions for cozy, spiritual evenings in a warm company.


Judging by the atmosphere of peace and tranquility,Reigning in the bedroom, the landlady of the apartment appreciates a healthy sleep and a full rest. Under her measured rhythm of life, the whole setting of this room is arranged: a large comfortable bed, a spacious chest of drawers, curtains for protection from sunlight and bothersome eyes. Near the bed was a floor lamp - a young woman likes to read before bed. To the note to everyone who appreciates the convenience: directly from the bedroom of this apartment you can get into one of the dressing rooms, but near to the entrance to it there is a comfortable chair.


Like the living room, the kitchen is fully consistentHospitable disposition of the young mistress: in spite of the fact that she (as we have already understood) lives alone, around the table were placed as many as four chairs. Surely guests are often treated here - and without a full stove and oven, of course, you can not do. Our opinion: - An interesting detail, risking from fashion trends to become a classics: two pairs of chairs from different sets. Very stylish and concise.


Perhaps, the most difficult room in this apartment. Narrow, long - thanks to the window and mirror space is filled with light and visually expand a little. More three steps that have helped remove the feeling of the corridor visually:

  • The walls were not laid out with tiles to the ceiling. This slightly lowered the ceiling, which partially removes the feeling of elongation of the room.
  • White walls were visually "broken" into two parts using a contrasting strip of gray tiles.
  • The floor tiles are laid perpendicular to the direction of the light, which visually slightly spreads the walls.
  • Entrance hall

    The rather spacious hallway is decorated in the same way.Cozy, like the rest of the apartment - which, undoubtedly, corresponds to the pedantic character of the young woman living here. A floor hanger, an armchair with a pillow at the entrance, a large wall mirror - all this is provided for a person who is used to comfort even in small things. At the end of the hallway is the door to the second dressing room.

    Three finds of this interior:

  • The complex color of the walls. White, beige-gray, coffee-lilac - these colors create a general calm, but not boring gamut.
  • Two dressing rooms. One can be accessed from the bedroom, the other from the hallway.
  • Curtains that do not close the windows. On the one hand, daylight freely penetrates into the apartment, on the other - textiles on the windows add coziness and allows to curtain the windows if necessary.
  • How to add an apartment to femininity?

    Subtlety and a woman's hand are felt inInterior of this kopeck piece at first sight. A few techniques that can be borrowed from the charming hostess of this exquisite nest: 1. Textures Please note: the living room is literally filled with a variety of cozy textured details! A rattan chair with a stool for feet, an unusual pouf, a mosaic coffee table, various pillows, an original lampshade lampshade, a lint-free carpet, wicker baskets, fireplace tiles - all this makes the space voluminous and boring, harmoniously combined with light walls and furniture and adding an interior of softness And tenderness. 2. Indoor plants In each of the rooms of this two-room apartment there are houseplants. Not without them in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. Undoubtedly, the abundance of lively greenery makes the house as comfortable as a woman. 3. Attention to detailNon-Scandinavian interiors glamor details unobtrusively adds to the apartment of the very charm of femininity, which made this Swedish kittens special. Note the sconces in the hallway, in the shade floor lamp in the living room, on a tiled coffee table, on the statues in the hallway and the bedroom, and, of course, on neveroyanye fireplace tiles. All these details make the interior quite exquisite, and at the same time do not spoil its Scandinavian mood. 4. Candles The owner of the apartment carefully placed the candles on the coffee table and the windowsill in the living room, on the kitchen table, in the hallway, in the bedroom on the windowsills and the bedside table, even in the bathroom. Undoubtedly, the abundance of candles adds to the romanticism and sensuality of the setting. 5. "Unremarkable" decor decor at first glance it seems that the apartment is almost devoid of decor - a situation quite common for Scandinavian interiors. However, having looked at the photo more closely, you understand that the decor is present, and there is a lot of it. Thanks to the fact that all the decorative elements are successfully "integrated" in the color and textural solution of the space, the apartment does not look like an overloaded accessory - but it's not boring to call it.