With your own hands

From the bottom of my heart: a gift for loved ones with my own hands


Choose a gift for a loved one - difficulta task. If you are tired of shopping around in search of a unique thing, do it yourself. A brilliant idea for a romantic gift you can borrow from our article Only a gift created with your own hands is able to truly demonstrate your tender feelings. Forget about high-calorie sweets and short-lived flowers. Use our master class to create an exclusive gift that will impress your partner's imagination and take a worthy place in his apartment as an art object.

The tools you will need:

  • A small sheet of plywood, thick white cardboard or a fragment of a wooden board that will serve as the basis of the product;
  • A sheet of wrapping paper (kraft paper) of the same size as the base;
  • Neon pink paint;
  • Metallic thread of gold color;
  • Nails (and not any, but with beautiful hats, preferably white in color: they will become an appreciable part of the decorative composition, so they should have an attractive look);
  • Tools: a hammer, scissors, a pencil, a paintbrush.

Armed with all the necessary, you can break into the creation of your masterpiece, following our step by step recommendations.

Step one

Paint the base of the neon paint in a pink color. And it does not matter if you get even color. Therefore, if at the end of the process you find a divorce, do not be upset: they will only add the originality of your future composition.

Step Two

Make a stencil in the form of a heart. To do this, fold a sheet of kraft paper in half. Starting from the fold line, draw a pencil half heart. Without unfolding the sheet, cut out the resulting contour. So, the stencil is ready.

Step Three

Apply the stencil to the painted base and circleHis pencil (the line should be thin, barely noticeable). But make sure beforehand that the pink paint that you applied at the beginning of work, had time to dry.

Step Four

Hammer decorative carnations along a pencilLine. Remember that the distance between them should be the same. Take care that the nails are not too far apart - so you can not give the heart the right shape. But too close to them should not be to avoid confusion. And the nail heads should be at the same height.

Step Five

Take the gold thread and tie one of its ends on any stud. Then start to entangle the other carnations in a chaotic order - as shown in the photos. For greater reliability it is better to do several turns around each carnation. Continue until you are satisfied with the result, and try not to let the thread go until the end of the process. When you decide that your heart of gold looks complete, tie the loose end of the thread around any stud and cut the "tails". Your exclusive romantic gift is ready! Now you literally can give your heart to your loved one! michelleedgemont.com