Balcony glazing and decoration: choice of glazing system


No matter how big the apartment is, there are always placeslacks. Meanwhile, additional meters at hand - on the balcony. You just need to properly glaze it. Do you dream of a greenhouse, patio or "pantry"? Then our advice is for you

Well glazed, balcony or loggia canBecome an important part of the living space. The main thing is to correctly set the task and not get confused in the wealth of opportunities. If you need a useful area for storing seasonal sports equipment or a terrace for quiet summer tea drinking, there is no point in spending money on complex and expensive designs. Another thing if you want to make your balcony habitable all year round. Both options for glazing - both warm and cold - have their pros and cons. On which one to stop?

Cold glazing

There is not enough cellar for country cottages,Pantry for sledges, skis and bicycles? In this case, cold glazing is enough. For minimal money you will get protection from dirt and bad weather, and the sliding design will significantly save space.

The simplest and most budget option is aluminumProvedal system. It protects you from rain, wind and snow, but from noise - only if the windows look into the courtyard of a quiet alley. To the sounds of a busy highway such a barrier is not an obstacle. Due to seasonal temperature changes, the profile can "lead", and in frosty days, seals often freeze and "wedge" the leaflets. Of the advantages - the ease and speed of installation and the ability to "take out" the design beyond the balcony fence. This allows you to get additional centimeters and install a window sill for seedlings or holders for a folding table.

Somewhat more expensive, but also significantly safer -Plastic system Slidoors. Due to its strength and lightness, it protects better both from noise and from bad weather and feels more confident in a difficult Russian climate. In such a room you can not only store things, but also arrange spring tea parties, equip a seasonal terrace or repair shop for summer inventory. For balconies of very small area, especially in old houses, where excessive loads are unacceptable, this is the best option. And besides, the only budgetary way to glaze a small semicircular space. But in the winter it will still be cold. Tatiana Serova, "Windows into the House":- For cold glazing, we advise customers to install sliding frames. This is much more practical, especially in small spaces. They do not interfere with opening wardrobes and drying clothes, hanging a bicycle on holders or watering flowers. And they serve with a high-quality installation as long and reliably as swing ones. However, you must understand that even the most expensive of the cold structures will not save you from the costs of the harsh Russian winter. And if you want, for example, to use expensive finishing materials on a balcony or loggia, you should think about more reliable protection.

Warm Glazing

To create a balcony or a loggia for realLiving space, you still have to choose a warm method of glazing. In fact - put familiar to all of us plastic windows with double-glazed windows. But here there are some nuances and cunnings. It all depends on what you need to do: expand the adjacent room, build a recreation area or equip the office. If you plan, for example, to put onBalcony treadmill, you will have the most simple and economical systems (60th system). In winter there will be enough warmth to go in for sports or sharpen skates. And in the summer - quiet enough and cozy, to escape for a short time from the household and retire with a book or tablet. Much more effort will require transformationBalcony in the full office or recreation area, which can be used all year round. It is necessary not only to choose more qualitative and wide profiles (70th and 80th systems), but also to insulate the balcony itself from floor to ceiling. And in some cases - and install a new balcony fence. Tatiana Serova, "Windows into the House":- In order for a glazed room to be truly warm and comfortable both in winter and in summer, you need to choose a profile with a width of at least 70 mm, for example, REHAU Sib or REHAU Delight. This is a three- or five-chamber profile that will not only protect you from the cold, but also provide sufficient insulation from any external noise.


Qualitatively insulated and glazed balconyActually becomes part of your apartment or house. Accordingly, the choice of options for interior decoration is expanding: from traditional plastic panels and "lining" to Venetian plaster and silk wallpaper. The profile itself can be made in any color for your taste - from white or "wooden" to red or black. If your windows face the sunny side and you are afraid that in the summer the glazed balcony will turn into an "aquarium", pay attention to the double-glazed window with a special technology of spraying with silver ions (Solar glass). This technology reflects heat energy both from the inside and outside. That is, it saves heat in winter and does not allow the room to overheat in the summer.


Almost the main disadvantage of warm glazingin addition to the price of the issue - the weight of the structure. Heavy thick frames, additional insulation and finishing materials are not a problem for most loggias, but a stumbling block for many balconies. Whether yours will withstand such a load, can only be assessed by a specialist after a thorough examination. Tatiana Serova, "Windows to the House": - The final decision on the choice of the method of glazing the balcony must be taken together with the measuring engineer who comes to you for consultation. For no additional reward, a competent specialist will not undertake to insulate the balcony if he doubts the safety of the result. In such cases, we advise our clients to "cold" designs that can be installed almost anywhere.,