Garden and plot

Garden paths made of stone: 30 examples for every taste -


On a natural stone it is always more pleasant to walk barefoot than on concrete. Our selection of stone paths will certainly inspire you to personal feats in the improvement of your own garden plot

In accordance with recent trendsWe are increasingly trying to maximize the landscape of your garden area to the natural. Because of this, the labyrinths of concrete paths, flooded at perpendicular angles, are rapidly losing their relevance.

But they have something to replace. Paths made of natural or artificial stone, laid out with intelligence and practicality, will help maintain the necessary atmosphere, will become a bright accent and will not lose functionality. Of course, as the tracks are most effectiveLooks natural, dug into the ground stone, but you can create the desired effect today and with the help of molded concrete cobblestones. Composition of a multi-colored sea pebbles, a connected solution - an option for creative natures with a subtle taste and a penchant for painstaking work.