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How to choose accessories for the kitchen: pens for the kitchen set

What are the best handles for kitchen cabinets? What kind of fittings for kitchens? Answers look for in our review. What should be the handles for kitchen furniture? First of all - comfortable and harmoniously combined with the interior, because wrongly selected accessories can spoil the appearance of even the most luxurious headset.

What should I do when choosing kitchen fittings?

The fittings market includes the mostDifferent forms, from a variety of materials. Such an abundance complicates the choice. But still it is preferable to do it based on the stylistic solution of space. For example, if your kitchen is decorated in high-tech style, then you should not choose wooden handles for it. In this case, a brilliant chrome hardware will be appropriate. In classical cuisine, it is best to use the classic handles for gold or, say, made of bronze. Modern kitchens with facades in the spirit of Art Nouveau will acquire a stylish and rich appearance thanks to accessories with crystals. In terms of comfort, follow the basic rule: choose the handles that fit comfortably in your hand and require no effort. The most popular and practical is the U-shaped model, made in the form of a thin strip, for which you need to pull. Our opinion When choosing a kitchen handle, pay attention not only to its design and ergonomics, but also to the quality of products. Examine the handle from all sides to make sure that it does not have chips, creases, cracks and other defects. And more: for quality products manufacturers give a guarantee of 1 year or more.

Kinds of kitchen accessories

Consider the most popular types of kitchen accessories, which are presented in the modern market.

Kitchen knobs-staples

They allow you to open the doors and drawers with ease. For them it is convenient to take a hand. Often they are in the form of U-shaped strips or crescents. Such models look good in high-tech styles and minimalism.

Kitchen knobs in the form of button-pushes

These are the knobs. They can be round, square, oval, flat, convex, polygonal, in the form of vegetables, flowers and various objects. As materials for their manufacture, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, granite, wood, marble and even natural stones are used. This diversity gives designers unlimited freedom.

Invisible Kitchen Accessories

Modern mechanisms allow you to hide the "extra" details, make them invisible. So, kitchen boxes and cabinets can be opened simply by pressing them with your hand or elbow.

Built-in furniture handles

Represent a recessed in the cabinet doorHandles-grooves, are located on the side or on top of the cabinet door. Such handles are good to use if the kitchen set has a luxurious design or unusual shape or color, as in this case the interior will not look congested. Our opinion For cabinets in which you plan to store heavy objects, use an elongated handle. This will ensure its convenient grip and allow you to quickly open the door. In conclusion, I want to note that every detail is important in the interior, even the smallest. A kitchen handle, for example, can make it complete.