Hall combined with kitchen: design and interior decoration of the room


It is often decided to combine the hall withkitchen. This is done for many reasons. But the main reason is that the hall, combined with the kitchen, whose design is carefully thought out, significantly increases the area of ​​the room and creates additional conveniences. This is especially true in old houses, where the living room is small, and the kitchen area leaves much to be desired. Combined hall and kitchenCombining the kitchen with the living room allows you to visuallyincrease space and make it more functional. Before proceeding with the redevelopment, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. After all, this design can at first be very unusual.

How to combine kitchen with a hall and that thus it is necessary to consider

Carry a septum that separates the living room from thekitchen. Thus, the area of ​​the hall increases. Now the challenge is to make both these rooms as comfortable and attractive as possible. You need to take care of good ventilation, because now it is impossible to just close the door while cooking. We need to do everything possible so that the smell does not go into the room. Ventilation should be of high quality, and a hood must be installed above the stove. The design of such kitchens can be very different. You can decorate it in a modern style, or you can use retro elements. Selecting furniture to furnish the living room, you need to consider that now the kitchen - this is also part of it, so the interior decoration should be combined in style. In their design, there should be no difference. Back to contents</a> Zoning Space In the kitchen combined with the hall is very convenienthold parties and gatherings with friends. But still the general space of the hall should be divided into the zone where the guests will receive the guests and the one that is intended for cooking. Different methods are chosen for zoning. You can choose the one that suits you most, or combine several ways.

  • highlighting with color;
  • highlighting;
  • leveling;
  • arch;
  • bar counter.

Despite the fact that the design of a new roomgeneral, you can create different color shades in the kitchen and in the hall. Colors should not be too contrasting, enough will use different shades. When considering lighting, care must be taken to ensure that the kitchen is allocated with the help of light. Usually the lighting is made brighter there than in the living room. This creates convenience when cooking, and the dimmed light in the room helps to relax. Although the reception in the living room should also be bright. This should be provided by installing chandeliers, which can be sectioned. Or built-in lamps, included separately. Which option to choose depends on the style that is chosen for decorating the room. A good solution is to make different levels of the floor in the living room and in the kitchen. It is only necessary to take into account that such a step can be dangerous for young children and elderly people. If they are in the family, it is better to refuse from different levels of sex and make such levels on the ceiling. To do this, in the space where food is prepared, mount a false ceiling, which very well separates it from the hall. It is possible to separate these zones from each other and an arch of plasterboard. It is necessary only to make it not look like an isolated element, but harmoniously fit into the overall design. Bar counter is an excellent separatorkitchen and hall. It can be used as a small table, work surface or for its intended purpose. The bar counter is the ideal option for dividing the two zones of the now large living room. Of course, that the design of the rack should be approached to the overall design. The bar counter has several advantages, thanks to which many choose it:

  • It becomes easier to serve food, since now the plates can be put first on the rack.
  • There is an additional surface, which gives additional convenience in cooking.
  • There is a place where you can sit with friends near the kitchen, so as not to wear dishes too far.
  • The bar looks very stylish and original, especially if you provide additional lighting for this place.
  • Sometimes the living room is combined with the kitchen whenthe hall is large. To do this, just allocate some of its part for cooking. The space of the former kitchen is freed for other needs. In this case, you need to provide for communications, because in such a place must necessarily be a sink. Most often this is done in private homes. Summarizing the above, you can determine the following points, which need to pay attention.

  • The room should be divided into two zones.
  • It is necessary to provide good ventilation, so that the smell during cooking as little as possible goes to the hall.
  • In the design of the two zones there should be no difference.
  • If everything is done right, the interior of the housewill play with new unusual colors. A well-chosen design will make the living room even more cozy and comfortable. Additional amenities include the fact that now you can take more guests and look after a small child while you are busy in the kitchen.