LED lighting in the kitchen with their own hands: how to mount?


One of the most important points in the repair orconstruction is the selection of the right lighting. This moment applies to any room in the house, be it a living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Recently, the use of LED lighting has become very relevant, which will fully satisfy the needs of everyone. quite feasible and a simple amateur, there is no need to know any specific things. The main thing is to make the project and calculation correctly. Connection scheme for RGB-LED stripScheme of connecting RGB-LED strip.

How do LEDs work?

The LED is a semiconductor,It emits light when electric energy passes through it. To find the necessary brightness, you need to know the chemical composition of the material itself. It should immediately be said that the LEDs do not directly connect to the power source, because in this case there will be overheating, which leads to breakage. In order to avoid this, a stabilizer is used, which is a current-stabilizing circuit. By colors, they can be absolutely any tone. But if you want, you can make infrared or ultraviolet lighting on the kitchen. LEDs are not the main lighting, they play the role of illumination. Therefore, they are used to enhance portable lights or headlights on the car. A common form of LED design. In order to decorate the kitchen with your own hands, you can use the LED ribbon. It will add a certain elegance and help to place accents. Such illumination has its advantages:

  • in the kitchen there will always be enough light for cooking;
  • is not afraid of mechanical damage;
  • if in a day such lighting will work 16 hours, then it will last a little more than 15 years;
  • there are no problems with the choice of the color of the lamps;
  • immediately gives the brightness of light, since there is no need for reheating;
  • if necessary, it is easy to select the desired radiation angle;
  • fireproof, also for their installation there is no need to create certain temperature indicators in the environment in the kitchen;
  • During operation, there is no secretion of toxic substances, which makes them safe for living.

To install on the kitchen with their own hands fitSMD tapes. They are one-two-three- and four-crystal. Depending on the section, monochrome and full-color are allocated. The size varies in a range from 1,6х0,8 mm to 5х5 mm. Back to contents</a>

What are the types of LED ribbons?

Popular series of LED ribbons. Many people saw on the signs of shops such a designation as LED-tape. So, this is the LED ribbon. On it in one order there are small light-emitting diodes. The shape of the tape is very convenient for self-assembly. There are several types of tapes, depending on the density of the lamps for 1 square meter: 60,120 and 240 pieces. Accordingly, the more of them, the brighter the lighting in the kitchen. Also it is necessary to allocate and kinds on protection against a moisture:

  • IP 20 is the weakest defense. Such LED lighting is intended for living rooms or bedrooms, as there the moisture level is basically at the optimum level.
  • IP 65 - medium protection. This type can already be applied not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom.
  • IP 68 - strong protection. This kind can be attributed to professional lighting, as it is mainly used in the design of landscape design, for example, to fountains or pools.
  • Before buying material, you should determine for yourself the place of lighting. The variant of parallel connection. If this is a working surface, it is better to choose a brand more efficiently, and if it's cabinets, and the LEDs will perform a purely decorative function, then you can get by with low-power ribbons. The same LED lighting can also be used on the ceiling, for the purpose of zoning the kitchen into the working and dining areas. As mentioned above, the intensity of illumination depends on the number of crystals. In addition, this parameter also affects color changes. When choosing a tape, you should pay attention to its marking. There is a possibility of a combination of different tapes, which will create 15 million shades. Such material is sold in rolls, each length is 5 meters. But apart from the tape itself, you should separately purchase a power supply and fasteners. Back to contents</a>

    How to decorate the kitchen with LED lighting?

    To ensure that the kitchen lacks lighting for personal needs, LED lighting can be issued in several places: Connect LED strips using the Navigator connectors.

  • With it, you can draw glass shelves, cornices, cabinets and stained glass. And it will turn on as soon as the doors open, and when they are closed, and it will not work.
  • Lighting the table top as the main working surface.
  • If the LED backlight is installed on the lower part of the kitchen set, this will create the effect of hovering furniture.
  • If a multi-level ceiling is made in the kitchen, then one can illuminate each level or only one.
  • With the help of LED lighting it is possible to divide the room into zones using different intensity and color solutions.
  • If desired, the lighting can be mounted in both the door leaf and the kitchen arch, if any.
  • Backlight can be a border for decorative elements of the interior, such as photographs or paintings.
  • If the table top is made of glass, then it can be decorated with spot lighting.
  • Designers recommend using warm colors to create classical lighting, respectively, if you want a modern style, then use cold colors. Back to contents</a>

    How to mount the lighting in the kitchen with your own hands?

    Scheme of the lamp body. Regardless of the chosen lighting option, the main thing is to remember that the LED backlight should provide the necessary amount of light for the chosen space. Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to stock up:

    • LED strip with a power of 12 watts;
    • electric cable (diameter 0.75 mm²);
    • with forks;
    • wiring brackets;
    • soldering iron;
    • transformers;
    • double-sided tape;
    • insulating tape;
    • LED-profiles;
    • scissors;
    • power supply unit in 12 W;
    • corners under the lights.

    The installation of the LED strip is as follows:

  • First of all, the working surface must be prepared, that is, cleaned and degreased.
  • The tape is measured to the required lengths, afterwhich is cut. From the edges it is necessary to bare the contacts (1-1.5 cm). Next, two cable preforms are soldered to them. All contacts must be protected by insulation.
  • On the corners on one side stick an adhesive tape, and withthe other is the LED ribbon. The transformer itself is installed near it. But before installing it, you need to remove its case to determine the lower voltage, since on this side soldered light contacts are soldered. On the opposite side, an electric cable and plug are attached to it.
  • Inside the cabinet is a plastic box, inwhich must be fixed extra wires, so they do not interfere. For this purpose, there is a hole in the required size through which the wires are pulled and fastened by means of brackets. They must be connected in one place, where the power supply will be installed. By the way, as for connecting the wires. The main thing is to remember that plus should approach the plus, and the minus, respectively, to the minus. Then they are connected to the unit.
  • The last stage is the installation of the switch and its connection with the same unit.
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    Practical recommendations

    The electric diagram of connecting spotlights. There are a few tips that you need to know in order to properly set the lighting in the kitchen with your own hands:

  • Buying LED-tape, the best option would bedo it in the appropriate store. In addition, it is better to pay attention to medium-priced products. They will burn bright enough and do not overheat.
  • In order for the LED backlight to work, it's worthwhile to monitor the insulation of the wires, otherwise the lighting will not work.
  • On the LED-tapes are designated "+" and "-", in the process of cutting the blanks, they will help you navigate. This designation has the form of a vertical line, along which it is necessary to make an incision of the material.
  • At the procurement stage, the primary consideration is the proper selection of the ratio of the power of the power source and the LED ribbon. In the opposite case, such an installation will not work for a long time.
  • Many use connectors to fasten wires, but it is better to use an ordinary soldering iron.
  • For soldering it is recommended to use rosin;
  • If there is a desire to adjust the intensity of lighting, then a dimmer and amplifiers are needed. They are installed with a power source.
  • That such lighting is not quickly tired, it is better to combine different colors.
  • In general, as is clear from all of the above, to install in the kitchen with their own hands, LED backlight will not make much effort.