Organization of space

Where to hide the TV: the wonders of technology and cabinet furniture


Half a century ago, the TV was far fromevery house, and friends, relatives and neighbors came to watch one or two of the available channels.After another couple of decades, another problem became urgent: where to put the huge TV, which took up almost as much space as the dining table. If you managed to buy a smaller model, then the image deteriorated in direct proportion to the screen diameter. In recent years, flat-panel TV screens have become commonplace. They can be placed along the wall, and on a special narrow table or pedestal, they can easily "move" from one room to another - there would be where to pile them up!

It is audible, it is visible and does not stir

Modern technologies turn the TV into aanything. It can be a built-in wall panel, and a picture in a frame frame. A popular "smart house" system is even able to combine a television screen with an intercom and a computer. Bold design solutions offerposition the LCD screen behind the mirror, behind the door of the cabinet, behind a decorative curtain. Built-in TV - it is fashionable, modern and comfortable. It's only in your imagination, and the master screen at least on the ceiling will be attached, even at the bottom of the pool put, and this technique will work without fail! If such a TV is not turned on, you canNot notice at all. This innovation allows you to design without painful meditations, where to put or hang a TV screen so that it does not block other objects, does not take up much space.

For lovers of exotics

Unique opportunities for convenient accommodationLCD TVs gave impetus to the imagination of bold designers who, trying to please any client, are ready to "fit" the screen anywhere: into the corridor, to the toilet, to the bathroom. By the way, the last option is not so bad: you can take a bath and watch your favorite TV series at the same time. Especially since the waterproof surface of the screen protects this technique, and in conditions of high humidity and temperature, it produces a picture of excellent quality. So, if you do not live a day without a TV, you can literally stuff screens on your house, and it will not spoil the overall picture.