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Festive serving: what should be on the New Year's table


The most beautiful holiday of the year is already on the doorstep, to youguests will come, you will all gather at the festive table. What you need to know for the New Year's table to be perfect, and the dishes to look appetizing and beautiful? What are the serving rules? Each hostess wants to create a special, attractive atmosphere in her interior, especially at the New Year's table. Table setting is a reflection of the mood, success and imagination. The correct setting of the New Year's table is the key to a successful holiday. In this article, we will provide basic tips and reveal some secrets that will allow you to create the necessary atmosphere. 1. Uniform style It is worth remembering that in the classic table setting it is necessary to observe a unified style. The color of textiles, napkins, dishes, chair covers should overlap with each other. Related articles 2.Tablecloth The overall impression of the festive table depends on the appearance of the tablecloth. The tablecloth should be well ironed and starched. But before you lay it down, cover the table with a soft cloth. This way, the clatter of plates, glasses and other utensils will not be heard. It is recommended to select the tablecloth so that it matches the shape of the table. For a square table, choose a square tablecloth. For a round table, both square and round shapes are suitable. A rectangular table requires a rectangular shaped tablecloth. It is also suitable for an oval table, if there is no oval tablecloth. The size of the tablecloth should be such that it hangs from each side by no less than 20 centimeters and no more than 40 centimeters. The color of the tablecloth depends on the overall environment. It is important to remember that the tablecloth serves as a backdrop for the dishes. She shouldn't dominate. A snow-white tablecloth will be appropriate on the New Year's table. 3.Napkins No New Year's table setting is complete without napkins. This is the main addition to the tablecloth. They must be fabric. Most often, napkins come in one set with a tablecloth. They can be in tune with her, sometimes contrasting. If you fold them in an original way, then give the festive table a certain chic. Place cloth napkins on a snack plate. Paper napkins are allowed, but should not be visible on the table. 4.Festive table setting: sequence First of all, put porcelain and earthenware dishes on the table. Then place the appliances. And then put glass and crystal. 5. Right-to-left According to the rules of etiquette, spoons and knives are placed on the right, and forks - on the left. Forks and spoons should be facing down with the convex side. The knife is usually pointed with the sharp side towards the plate. Wine glasses for water, wine glasses and glasses are placed on the right, in front of the plates. There should be no more than three of them. Place them in one line or in a semicircle. Place the bread plate on the left. Related Articles 7.Festive table setting: arrangement of dishes Place fruits on vases with small legs in the center of the table. Place large dishes first. Alternate between meat, vegetable and fish snacks. Do not forget to put a lay-out device on each dish. This will allow your guests to take whatever they want. Place snacks in salad bowls and vases closer to the center. Place dishes, sauce bowls, dishes with mustard, vinegar, pepper over the entire free area of ​​the table. Place the bottles at the same distance from each other, turn the labels in one direction or the other so that they can be seen by all guests. eight.How to arrange the dishes Place the dishes in a straight line. First, put the dummy plates, and on them the snack bars. The distance between the plates for each guest should be comfortable so that those sitting at the table do not interfere with each other. The edges of cutlery and utensils should not reach two centimeters to the edge of the table. 9. How many dishes do you need for one guest?

  • Snack plate (or two);
  • 1 plug;
  • 1 knife;
  • 1 dessert fork.

Do not place more than three kinds of one device on the table. 10.Time to complete the serving It is worth remembering that the setting of the festive table must be completed before the arrival of the guests, preferably half an hour before. And do not forget about the New Year's decor on the table (candles, cones) to create the desired mood.