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Beautiful autumn table in 5 minutes: 27 simple solutions -


A bright autumn still life on your table will brighten upsadness from the coming cold weather and will remind you of a sunny summer. We surprise guests and households: we decorate the table with cones, pumpkins, pomegranates and more. Useful tips and simple tricks The autumn table is a real magnet in a hospitable home. On the eve of cold weather, you want to spend as much time as possible: with your family for a leisurely conversation, a hot dinner and light wine. How to turn a seasonal ritual into a real holiday for loved ones? They will help us! Autumn cones After red-orange leaves andsunny pumpkin cones are the main sign of late autumn and a gift to the decorator, a natural natural material that will emphasize all the advantages of country or Provence. You can leave them as they are and combine them in deep or wide glass vases with bright fruits, or you can paint them in different colors: from acrylic silver to gouache “snowflakes” using a spray bottle. An additional plus is a family trip for raw materials, which makes it easy to captivate even the youngest members of the household team: all children like to collect and paint cones. To decorate, choose contrasting combinations:for example orange pumpkin - brown cones - red physalis or rose hips, etc. In tall glass containers, multi-colored cones of different shapes and sizes look beautiful. As a "vase" you can use not only traditional dishes, but also interesting old boxes, flower stands or wooden cutting boards. Pomegranate color Impressive solution - table in flowersgrenade. The shape and color of this fruit allows you to avoid unnecessary decorating efforts, they are self-sufficient. For special occasions, you can paint half of the fruit with gold or silver paint, or wrap the pomegranates in foil. Pomegranates with the names of invited guests carved on the crust look spectacular, next to large dishes and as the main round shapes in the central composition. In its natural color, pomegranate blends beautifully with all types of wood and creates vibrant color accents against the backdrop of light textiles. Fashion Trends

  • Wood, .One of the most popular solutions this fall is the combination of glossy and wood surfaces. The main thing is a sense of proportion. For such a table, choose a minimalistic or classic set, transparent colored glass, white or gray tablecloth, candlesticks and vases of simple geometric shapes. Several gilded or silver items will become the main characters.
  • 2. Contrasting minimalism. It would seem that the colorful autumn decor and the tendency of the minimalists to self-restraint are incompatible. Nothing like this! Try to use on the table one item: a small pumpkin, a pomegranate, a delicate branch with several berries or an autumn leaf - and the table will become a work of art, will attract the attention of all your guests. 3. Country style. Narrowly rude, rustic decor emphasizes the essence of autumn parties, the end of the harvest season and man's striving for nature and naturalness. As a vase or dish, use a wooden trough, enamelled pots or old colander, tin dishes. The overall color scheme of the composition should be sustained in "earthen" brown-beige or fresh white-green tones with rare splashes of bright color - yellow pumpkins or red berries. DIY One of the simplest and most effectiveways to decorate the center of the table - a cereal bouquet. To do this is not difficult at all. You will need a bunch of dry and strong grains, twine and a sponge, which florists use. To begin with, you need to cut out two small cylinders from a sponge and glue them together - the width of the form will determine the width of the "bouquet". Step two - add the grass. First glue our form with a suitable brown or beige paper and smear it with glue, leaving no traces - PVC for example. Carefully put our cereals in one layer on a sticky base. After the layer dries a little, we cut the grass from the bottom side. To create the desired effect requires 3-4 layersGrasses, successively pasted on each other. After that, the remaining cereals "fill" the middle of the composition, sticking them directly into the sponge. Finally, the last step is several turns of twine or braid. The bouquet is ready!