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Celebrity houses: Jay Z's birthday gift from Beyonce


December 4th celebrates its birthday the mostthe successful rap artist Jay Z in the history of show business. We already know what gift his star wife Beyonce will make to the rapper. Details - in our article They are called the most successful and influential married couple in the history of show business. The two have 36 Grammy awards and over $ 175 million in annual revenue for the two. They are legendary rapper Jay Z and popular R'n'B singer Beyonce Knowles. There are legends about the luxurious life of this stellar couple. And more recently it became known that Jay Z and Beyoncé are going to once again shock the public with a fabulously expensive purchase. The couple are in talks to buy a new luxury home in Beverly Hills for an obscene $ 85 million! This purchase is likely to be Jay Z's birthday present on December 4th. This incredible house with eight bedrooms, 15Bathrooms, a garage for 16 cars, a huge panoramic pool and fantastic views of Los Angeles fully corresponds to the tastes and appetites of a star couple. It is an ideal combination of modern style and magnificent luxury, which is not expressed in the abundance of gold, marble and decorative objects, but rather in a unique architectural solution, the scale of the premises, and also an expensive but laconic atmosphere. The interior of the house is designed in a modern style withInterspersed with an American retro. It is worth noting that some retro elements are genuine, not stylized, such as a motorcycle, which serves to decorate the living room and an additional reminder of the veiled luxury. The functional of the house also meets the needsAll members of the stellar family. There are roomy dressing rooms with huge mirrors for Beyonce, a special room for storing collection wine bottles and cigars, which JJ likes so much. As for the two-year-old daughter of the famous couple, she can enjoy her own home sweet shop.

How to combine style and luxury in the interior:

  • Luxury in the interior should be guessed, but notstrike the eye. Therefore, choose expensive but not flashy materials. The combination of valuable species of trees, white marble tiles and furniture upholstery made of genuine leather looks equally impressive, but much more stylish than gilding and brocade.
  • It is possible to emphasize the uniqueness of the interiorOriginal designer accessories. Notice how impressive the ensemble looks from the decorative coffee tables in the form of metal stumps, gleaming in the living room. Their apparent dissonance with orange retro seats brings dynamics into the situation and focuses attention on details.
  • Like wine, many decor items become more expensive withTime. Therefore, the presence in the interior of antiques, retro parts or vintage accessories always speaks of its high level. It is not necessary to drive a real motorcycle into the living room, it is enough to supplement the situation with a pair of armchairs from the last century.
  • Seamlessly integrate elements from the past intoModern interior will help art decor. Notice how in the potential house of Jay Zee and Beyonce, retro pictures of famous Hollywood actors and old posters form a connecting thread between the details of the situation from different stylistic eras.
  • The interior of the house is made in low-key, softColors, but it can not be boring. Light contrast, which provides a furniture upholstery, made in yellow-brown-orange hues, combines the rooms among themselves and creates elegant color transitions. This design technique is an excellent visual confirmation of the fact that bright accents do not necessarily have to be so bright to enliven the interior.