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What color to choose: subtleties of perception


Considering the design of a house or apartment,In what color the interior will be maintained. Of course, creating a project is a specialist matter, but the taste preferences of the owners should also be taken into account. There are rules in the design and there are deviations from the rules. The most successful result is sometimes obtained from unexpected ideas, which, it would seem, do not fit into any norms. And as a good impromptu prepares in advance, and non-standard solutions are based on an unusual "reading" of classical principles and foundations.

Red means beautiful

Colorists claim thatthere are four primary colors on which all other shades and combinations are based: red, yellow, blue and white. The etymology of the word "red" goes back to the word "beautiful". This is the first color that people learned to distinguish in antiquity. This is the color of fire, passion, joy ... But for a long time, designers avoided using red as a priority, considering it too catchy, defiant and even aggressive. However, in recent years, this color, in combination with gold and silver tones, has been considered a luxurious, sophisticated solution, which certainly has the right to form the color of the interior. It warms the room, and in bright light visually expands the space and creates the effect of fabulousness and luxury.

Color of gold and sun

Yellow is associated with a bright sun, goldenbrilliance, energy and pressure, success and happiness. In reasonable volumes, this color looks great in any interior, but it should be combined with airy fabrics, refined details of decoration, decorative knick-knacks ... Depending on the general idea, any shades of yellow will be good in the room, especially lemon, mustard, canary (even with the addition of red tone). Enumeration with "golden" details will seem lurid to someone, while for someone it will cause associations with the luxury of oriental palaces. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and pleasant in such an environment.

Blue - a reflection of the sky

Yellow is in perfect harmony with the heavenly blue,although it may seem contrasting. But blue curtains on the background of blue wallpaper are the highest chic, delicate taste and fashionable style! Any items decorated with blue shades will look less bulky, which will help to make the interior airy, light and even cooler. True, in a room where the sun's rays almost do not penetrate, this should not be done: in this case, blue can look gloomy and depressing. And finally, red, yellow and blue are ideally combined with white - the color of purity, freshness, fantasy that guides the designer's actions. As a result, your home becomes colorful and festive, while remaining cozy and comfortable.