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Home office: where to organize the working space in the apartment


Which places and why are most suitable forworking corner in the apartment? And what should be in the home office necessarily? Answers to these and other questions - in our article Not only freelancers are working at home. Someone just does not have time to do everything you need in the office. And someone, for example, prefers to work at home in the summer heat. Well, those who have a hobby (sewing, knitting, burning, and so on), especially not to do without an office corner in the apartment. At least because he is better at adjusting to work. Today it will be about where it can be equipped.

Idea number 1: office on the balcony

Many underestimate thisapartment and fill it with unnecessary things. But it is the balcony (provided that it is glazed and insulated) can be a great place for a home office. It is isolated from the rest of the apartment, while there is always room for a small table, chair and computer. And if it opens with a nice view, then you will receive more and aesthetic pleasure.

Idea # 2: office in the kitchen

This option is suitable if you do not haveRequires shelves, shelves and large tables. It is enough to allocate a small desk for a laptop or a corner for papers - and then not very difficult work can be combined with cooking.

Idea # 3: an office in the hallway

This option, as with the kitchen, is appropriate in the presence ofin your hallway of a small corner, suitable for placing a small table with a computer. However, this variant has one significant drawback - the absence of natural light. It will have to be compensated with good artificial lighting.

Idea # 4: the office in the closet

This can be a design in the form of a conventional cabinet(it, by the way, well fits into the interior of any room). Or, a bespoke small locker, the undoubted charm of which is that after working and closing the doors, you will not only "leave work," but also hide the workplace from prying eyes.

Idea number 5: office in a separate room

This, of course, is an ideal option. If the area of ​​your apartment allows, make an office in a separate spacious room. You can place in it everything you need to work. This is especially true for those who are engaged in all kinds of hobbies at home.

Regardless of where you decide to equip your work area, remember several rules

  • The most important and determining in the work of the house -good, quality table. It should not only fit into the existing room. Sitting behind it must be convenient for you, otherwise work will become a torture.
  • Be sure to provide good lighting, because the likelihood that you will have to work at home at a later time of the day is very high!
  • We all know that the productivity of our work largely depends on the ability to focus on it. Thinking about where to locate the office, look for a place where you will be least distracted.
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